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Fashionista NOW: Trendy In Sweaters & Knitwear

Sweaters have always been a staple in our closets. Being a functional piece only to be worn for when the weather cools down or during bouts of fever, it’s pretty interesting to find that for the fashion creative, a sweater can be a trendy piece of knitwear.

Here in this tropical country, we have a thing for cardigans, which are apparently a source of amusement in some other parts of the world where they tend to be associated with the style of the aged.

Sweaters are not immune to this type of teasing. They are after all sort of slouchy in their form, an attribute, that makes the wearer looks as though she may be also too slouchy herself to move her posterior from the couch and take a good look in the mirror.

Well, maybe there are some who can’t part with their worn out sweaters because of innate slouchiness, but come on, the sweater trend that we’ve seen lately sure do look like the ones sporting them are taking some enormous effort to look fancy.

Don’t believe me? Well, these lookbookers will prove that sweaters can be pretty trendy too. Go on now, scroll on.

So what do you think? I know with the humid temperature here it would be senseless to sport a thick knitwear out, but no one’s stopping anyone from using a lil’ bit of brain power to wear them when the temperature dips or choose a weather-appropriate sweater made of materials that allow for some ventilation, no?

For readers who come from cool locales, I’m sure you could do a lot with the stack of sweaters just sitting around the dark Narnia of your closet. Have fun! And never say no to Grandma sweaters now that it’s obvious they’re on trend.

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