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Fashionista NOW: Color Fashion Trend ~ Easy & Fun Shortcut To Color Blocking

Want to learn a quick shortcut to color blocking that will save you a lot of time? Read more.

Colors bring out the best in just about anyone if worn in a combination that complements the skin tone. With the color blocking fashion trend having its huge moment, more and more people are opening up their wardrobes to clothing and accessories that come in bold and bright colors.

However, not everyone has the flair in mixing separate colored pieces that will end up harmoniously put-together. Of course, there’s time to learn the basic tips and tricks of pairing colors. But we could all do with a bit of a quick fix every now and then.

For those who are just getting acquainted with the color block trend, the quick method to color block is very welcomed. Get this: You do not have to concern yourselves with attempts to pair separate pieces together at all.

There’s a shortcut to color blocking that is fun and simple. It will get you ready in an instant.

All you need to do is to purchase colorblocked ready clothing. Accessories such as bags, belts, purses and jewelry now come in colorblocked as well. Even heels come in chunky fun colors too. The only thing that you ought to do is to try them on and trust your fashionable and honest best friend or mother to judge if it’s a go or no-go.

This will tremendously cut the time spent on attempting to pair colored pieces.

Below are some fun looks to illustrate how you can cheat your way to color blocking. I hope you’ll find them interesting and helpful to get you all warmed up with colors this season.

Color blocking has never been so simple right? What do you think of the clothing, shoes and jewelry that come in colorblocked ready? Shoot your thoughts down below.

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