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Fashionista NOW: How To Color Block With Soft Pastel Colors?

Pastel color-blocking is a hot trend at the moment and it’s easy to see why. These soft shades do really blend in easily well when organized in an ensemble. The lines between pieces are less harsh as compared to when one color-blocks using brilliant/bold colors. In any case, if you’re into color-blocking, you may just love this one too.

Even those who don’t see the appeal of color on color may be influenced to give this trend a go. Let’s look at how you can color block pastels to a very eye-catching result that’s very flirty, feminine and versatile.

These posting shall answer these 3 questions in detail and with the help of the fashion photos below wrap up a solid idea on how you can best color block these sweet angelic shades.

Is color-blocking with pastels for everyone? And how do I look best wearing these barely there shades?

Trend followers must remember that it is a crime to follow a trend blindly as it would be a disservice to your unique personality and overall complexion. So it’s obvious that pastels are not for everyone. If you’re into dark broody colors bending towards punk rocker edgy vibe of fashion, you’re not going to wear pastels and feel your very best. In fact, you may get a tad confused and dislocated.

The next factor to take into consideration is your skin tone and overall complexion. Most people who are slightly tanned to moderately tanned and those with deeper skin coloring will look good in pastels. But for the very pale skinned, there’s a tendency to appear washed out when wearing a get-up that’s loaded with pale powdery pastels.

How do I prevent myself from looking too washed out from wearing pastels head to toe?

Wearing pale pastels can be a disaster for those who are very pale. You don’t want to look washed out, devoid of warmth and glow. The easy trick to use if you plan on going head to toe in soft pastels is to play around with some makeup. Add a pop of color to your lips, for example. Define that inner glow by applying blusher and bronzer to your cheeks.

Is it alright to color-block using more than two pastel colors?

This depends on who you are in the way you approach fashion. Some people are allergic to colors. Some embrace them readily. Color-blocking with more than two colors of pastel is a matter of knowing which contrasting pastel shades look the most flattering on you as they’re organized together.

Pastel colors are so soft that they blend seamlessly from one piece to the other. This, essentially make pastels very appealing to color-block as the line that separates one pastel piece to the next is not too out-there or distinctive.

To Keep your pastelicious outfit balanced and less Easter egg-like, do incorporate neutral colors of creamy whites, dusty greys and beige tones.

In the market, you will find blouses and dresses that are made with pastel color-block designs carrying more than two colors. Accessories like shoes, bags, and jewellery with pastel color-block features are abundantly produced to appease the fashion-forward who are wild about the trend.

Dive below for a very pastel visual journey. I hope you’ll be inspired too!








A shout-out to girly girls everywhere: Have fun color-blocking your pastel pieces! If you have practical fashion tips on pastel color-blocking, don’t be shy, just drop them in the comment space below. Thank you!

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