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Fashionista NOW: Get Flirtatious With The Ruffles Fashion Trend

Let ruffles and frills add femininity and playfulness to your outfit this sunny season.

There’s something about ruffles that bring elegance into an ensemble. Ruffled blouses and dresses exude a very feminine appeal that can play up the girly side of your personality or switch up the sleek and elegance vibe depending on the design and material of the ruffled piece.

Ruffles can be flouncy and exaggerated to create drama and vivid textures or they can come in subtle forms that do not add bulkiness to an outfit.

For a slim and slender body type, prominent ruffles that decorate the front of a blouse can be just perfect. For those with a heavy mid-section, it’s best to stick with frills that are subtle in order not too add unnecessary weight. If you’re thin as a stick and would love to add some artificial meat to your figure, out-there ruffles can help you achieve just that.

Ruffled shorts and skirts are trendy items to own among the young and fashionable who are not afraid to flaunt their girly side. These adorable textures can turn a simple outfit into casual playful number that is also pretty chic.

Scroll down below for a bit of a frilly fashion inspiration.







So ladies, what are your thoughts about ruffles in fashion? Do you like them on your clothing? I am especially in love with intricate ruffled figure-fitting blouses that exude a vintage aura. What about you?

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