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Fashionista NOW: Back To Basics – Stylizing Classic Blue Denim Trend

Classic blue denim is a fashion staple of a majority of people so much so that it has become a part of a that ultra laid-back basic thing that you whip out when you’re too lazy to dress up. Learn how to make your blue denim look stand out.

Although colored denim pants are all the rage right now, you will always be catered to a wide array of blue denim whether it is in the form shorts, shirts, jackets, rompers or even dresses. Do you know why? Well, denim blues are the safe choice for most people.

This ever-so-friendly trend appeals to everybody that it is very easy to stylize it to suit your personality, specific occasion and weather temperament, even when you’re in the dark or hopelessly clueless about fashion.

Wearing denim on denim is no longer a fashion crime, especially with a combo of denim shorts and a button-down denim top. The mix screams casual comfort and perfect for a sunny day stroll, with your buddies or your dog!

Blue denim makes a great contrasting (almost neutral) background for just about any patterned pieces in your ensemble. They stay in the background and don’t compete for much attention at all.

Pairing a denim top with a girly skirt creates a juxtaposition of a strong masculine form and delicate feminine texture that gives your outfit a distinct edge.

I especially love the pairing of soft peachy pink pastel jeans with a soft blue denim top (below). The get-up is so casual that you could set the mood for the whole look by choosing the right shoes to go with it. Sneakers; for a more laid-back street look. Heels; for a bit of girly-chic effect.

A dress, made with blue denim and embellished with sheer material and floral details, gets the best of both worlds (below).

Even with a formal elegant lace dress, you can insert a bit of structure by topping the look off with a denim jacket.

Below are more ways that you can simply whip up your denim pieces and make them cool again by wearing them stamped with your individual style.

Kryz embellishes her denim polo with a crystal collar. Pairing the top with black shorts, she’s ready to head out to the beach or walk under the summery sun.

Adriana layers her blue denim over a tank top and completes the look with a pair of leggings and peep toe heels. This one’s casual and yet still very feminine.

Golda adds character to her denim look with a sprinkle of leopard prints and a chunky owl long necklace.

Denim clothing are easy to stylize and they make such a perfect neutral contrast for your other visually-out-there pieces. Don’t you just love how versatile blue denim is? I know I do.

Tell us how you make your denim stand out below.

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