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Fashionista NOW: Men’s Fashion -Yay Or Nay To Color Blocking Blokes

The color-blocking trend is big among the ladies in fashion, but is it embraced by the men’s fashion world? Do you think that blokes could rock out the color-block style without their sex orientation being debated?

I personally think that some do really look good wearing colors. Let’s just say that it all depends on how comfortable he is with his skin and his style.

Males have always been the gender to be traditionally taught to wear colors that are ‘manly’ which automatically limits their choice as these colors are often dark and broody in nature.

Creams and whites are usually paired with the typically dark shade of browns and grays that the majority of men and boys have developed quite a strong allergic reaction to the sight of other men wrapped up in sweet cheerful color pairings usually reserved for the ladies and pre-pubescent boys.

If you’re a bloke who are into vibrant colors, you’ll appreciate the color-blocking trend. For those who are tempted to try but are doubtful whether you’ll be able to pull off the color-friendly style, don’t fret: scroll down and get inspired by these color-blocking blokes from across the globe.

I hope you’ll learn a trick or two from them and expand your wardrobe with vibrant colored clothing.








Are you in the mood to spice up your life with colors, lads? I hope you are, it’s 2012 and no one is stopping you! If you find yourself in a fit over making sense of the right color combo to go with, here’s a lesson in men’s blockology to get you all prepped up.

Let’s make vibrant colors popular for men!

Fashionista NOW: Color Block Fashion Infatuation

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