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Fashionista NOW: Bare Your Midriff In Style With Crop Tops

Crop tops are for flat-bellied girls, we say. But, is our idealism preventing us from taking a chance with a fun fashion trend?

These days, crop tops come in various lengths and designs and that not all of them are created to make us less-than-toned-tummied girls seething.

While some are ultra belly-baring, there are crop tops with a humble hem that may hit just above the naval or graze the top of your jeans.

It’s also worth noting that what you pair them with may actually dictate the amount of flesh that gets exposed so that you can be in control of whether you’d like to bare it all or just keep it to a slither of a peek.

A chic style to go if you’re aiming for a peek-a-boo effect is to partner your crop top with anything that is high-waisted down below. This way, you can be at ease knowing that the sensitive waist area is cloaked while a peek of flesh above the naval area can be comfortably flaunted.

Alternatively, for a casual look, you can team a slouchy crop top with a high-waisted jeans or frayed denim shorts. Figure-hugging crop tops can be paired with twirly short or long skirts, perfect for a date or attending an outdoorsy musical event.

With the sun shining its very heaty rays on Malaysian soil, the loose and sleeveless crop top is delightfully weather-appropriate. It ensures maximum air ventilation and if and when you’ve entered a chilly building, throw on your favorite trendy outerwear like a knitted cardigan, jacket or a blazer over it.

For a look at how stylish lookbookers are wearing the crop top fashion trend, dive in below:

turtleneck crop top by Trixiave

sequin crop top by Topshop

crop top by Furor Moda

crop top

slouchy crop top by Zara

sleeveless crop top by American Apparel

floral crop top by Sheinside

So ladies, what do you have to say about this midriff-exposing trend? Yay or nay?

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