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Fashionista NOW: Color Gradient In Fashion ~ The Ombre Trend

Ombre fashion trend gives dip-dye a new appealing spin by highlighting gentle gradations of a single or more colors. The ombre effect seen on clothing, accessories as well as hairstyles has a surprisingly strong hold in the fashion world.

While purely dip-dyed clothing seems to have settled behind the scenes, ombre clothing, accessories and hairstyles are set to stay a while longer at least among the young fashion forward crowd.

So, the question is not whether ombre is still in for 2013 but rather if it is going to be comparable with hot-like-potatoes trends like color-blocking or skinny jeans, which have become a yearly infatuation ever since setting feet in the fashion scene within the last few years.

With alluring ombre sophistication carefully decorating blouses, sweaters, blazers, skirts, shorts and trousers, it’s clear as day that here’s trend that appears to have left (and is still leaving) quite a lasting impression.

For a look at how young fashionistas are pulling off the ombre look through fashion, just scroll down below.

neon ombre jacket by Asos

sweater by AE

sweater by SH

dress by Asos

blazer by Romwe

sweater by Yest

What do you make of this trend? Do you think it’s fancy? Or does it even matter if it’s the subtler version of the dip dye trend? Push your comments down below! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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