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Fashionista NOW: Stuck In A Style Rut? Welcome The Ombre Fashion Trend

Ombre fashion trend delights all who love the play of color gradient in clothing. Subtler than the color-blocking trend, it is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-rock trend without the hassle of picking separate colors to mix and match. Read on to get ombred, I mean inspired.

In fashion, ombre is defined as gradation of color in a garment. For example, a dress may start with the deepest color from the neckline and gradually becomes lighter as it reaches the hemline.

Ombre is associated with the tie-dye trend, but as much as they are technically closely-related, I believe the tie-dye effect is messier, wilder and bolder, what with the distinct chaotic circle, line and other patterns that they’re known for.

If you love tie-dye, you may feel that the ombre style is a little too safe or boring. But I personally love the ombre trend solely due to the soft gradient effect. If you love both of the trends that happen to fall into the same category minus the visual style, well, you my friend, can enjoy the best of both trends and never have to hit the fashion rut!

Anyways, scroll down to score some fashion points when it comes to sporting the ombre trend.

Less Is More

An ombre shirt(above) is a statement-making piece. There’s no good reason to go overboard with chunky necklace or earrings or other wild printed pieces because that will only bring a clashing visual competition on both.

And the same is when one is wearing a statement ombre sheer maxi (below).

Arizka pairs her ombre skirt with a black on black above the waistline. I like how that brings a strong contrasting background that the very whimsical yet elegant sheer ombre piece stands our seamlessly.

Sometimes, to be stylish is just to be very minimalistic. Pick one statement piece and build up the rest of your outfit and accessories, shoes and whatnot with an aim to let the focus rest on your main piece.

An Alternative To Color Blocking

Browns and blacks ombre pieces are the most muted colors of the trend. Both neutral colors are usually used to balance out other brighter and bolder colors even when one is color-blocking. The color block trend is blocky and thus are not as subtle as the ombre trend.

And this opens a door of opportunity for those who are not into color-blocking. The ombre color gradation technique allows any piece of clothing, such as, the skirt (above) to carry a color (or more) from the deepest (for instance) purple to the softest magenta, removing the need to find separate pieces to mix and match.

The dress here carry the dark and light shades of green below the waistline and as it goes above, there is a smudgy gradient of grey and a black shoulder strap at the top of the dress. This is an elegant way of color blocking minus the distinct jumps in color.

And if you love a blend of contrasting color, such as the purple and blue ombre shorts (above), pick a piece that has distinctive colors of your liking and pair it with a monochromatic piece for contrast.

Notice how Gillian’s ethnic print top steals the attention away from her lovely ombre shorts? I would replace the top with a simple one that is in a lighter shade of purple/dusty black or fade-out white so that the ombre effect has a chance to stand out.

Great Figure-Enhancing Effect

As with the color block trend, the ombre gradient of color makes it great for hiding flaws. Let me explain why. The gradient of color works by creating soft shadows that camouflages areas on your body (that you wish to hide)depending on the ombre piece that you wear, and flaunting the parts where you’re proud of.

The long ombre cardigan worn by Kristine is the darkest red up at the neckline and at the most bottom that covers her cutoffs. As it gets to the mid waist area it becomes lighter red and white. You can immediately see the effect of the color gradient as it distracts your attention away from the center of the body.

I love ombre hair and if you’re wild about the ombre effect, wear ombre on ombre on ombre just like Blair (above). She’s sporting the ombre hair (darkest at the top, lightest at her ends), an ombre cardigan (lightest blue at the top, darkest towards the end) over an ombre tank (lightest grey at the top, blackest black at the end) coupled with a pair of high-waisted shorts in black and white stripes and sheer black tights.

Out of all the ombre looks, I really like this one as it plays boldly upon the ombre effects. The darkest color of the top that sits on the waistline gives an illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Bored with your hairstyle? You know you can try the fun ombre hair trend.

Jenny rocks her ombre look by wearing an ombre top over a skin-colored button-up tank and shorts in the darkest color that pulls out the gradient effect. She finishes off the look by wearing a pair of black heels and keeps it simple with gold/neutral accessories.

Don’t you just love the ombre fashion trend? I know I do. I hope you’ll give it a try and have fun.

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.” –Adriana Lima

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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