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Fashionista NOW: The Color Trend – How To Wear Sorbet Pastels?

Let sorbet pastel shades take you into new heights of scrumptious and refreshing fashion. With a wide variety of faded neon colors inspired by the frozen dessert, you will be psyched to know that it is one of the most anticipated fashion trend for spring 2012.

Since Malaysia is a tropical sunny with a bit of monsoon rain every now and then, we are literally experiencing Spring all year long. So why not look especially sugary delicious for a change, this year? Soft candy-esque sorbet colors fall into the category of the very sweet color palette that will promise you a good wide array of color-blocking opportunities.

You can choose to go head to toe in sorbet pastel shades as though you are the sorbet itself, minus the frozen frothy bit. Or you can create amazing looks by pairing the subtle shades with statement-making pieces. Either way, it’s all good.

There is something extremely cheerful about these sorbet colors that the trend would inspire us break away temporarily from all those dark and monotonous figure-hiding colors.

So, let’s scroll down for some fashion tips on how to best wear sorbet pastels that will ensure heads will be turned, friends will be awed and haters will start unravelling with envy.

Incorporate Statement Pieces

It’s plain obvious that soft pastel colors have a tendency to make anyone look washed out. You definitely do not want that because it’s a style-crimper. Ivy Xu wears a statement floral chiffon button-up top that carries soft glacier blue to complement that of her cardigan. For a bit of texture, she sports a pair of white knitted shorts.

Daniela adds a statement floral heels to her very creamy sorbet outfit (below). Gold colors are perfect for balancing out the barely-there sorbet pastels.

Colors That Work Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone is your natural canvas. With soft pastel sorbet-inspired colors, the pale can look dead pale and the olive-skinned can appear jaundiced if the natural skin tone is not taken into consideration.

Daniela appears to have soft olive skin undertone that looks great with the pale baby pink/peach top and soft purple pants that she’s wearing (above).

Pick Colors That Antagonize Each Other

When we think of the colors orange and purple, we immediately feel the strong contrasting effect of both. With the sorbet pastel color trend, you can rock both in an outfit due to its pale characteristic. Chloe wears an adorable color-block crop top that has a soft peach color as its main tone with a pair of soft purple shorts.

Mayo Wo wears her peach pleated dress with a lemon tutu and throws in a pair of soft purple polka dot knee-length socks and brown heels.

Go Wild On The Accessories

The lovely Miss Mayo wears a really adorable minty green pastel Care Bears tee, bubblegum pink belt and a cream colored pleated skirt. She goes wild with her rings as she is sporting a peacock, bird and bee rings. Her car purse stands out in a sea of a whimsically put soft sorbet pastel get-up.

There’s no stopping you from accessorizing all you want when all you’re wearing are very pale sorbet-inspired colors. Just keep it classy.

So what do you think about the sorbet pastel color trend? Is it in or out for you? Tell us below.

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