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Fashionista NOW: Statement Blazers In Black & White Stripes

Striped blazers are chic and super easy to wear outerwear that if you’re looking to make a fashion statement in a jiffy, best believe that they’re your answer!

Being that stripes are a major fashion trend this year, you’ll be enormously spoiled for choice.

With blazers, it’s vital to pay attention to the details of the design and cut before making a purchase. Do you like them with decorative buttons, pockets and etc?

Do you like the stripes to be on the vertical/horizontal side or thin/thick? Pay close attention to the fit and comfort as you slip into the blazer. Does it work with your body type? While it’s nice to indulge on the aesthetics, practicality beats all else when it comes to clothing.

Black and white striped blazers in particular, are so wearable that there’s just countless of ways to wear them without worrying if you’ve incurred the wrath of the fashion nazi.

You can simply top the striped blazer over a neutral (or solid colored) top and bottom or alternatively wear them over a patterned blouse of your liking and finish off with a solid-colored bottom. These minimalistic stylish blazers can also be worn over a figure-hugging or flared dress.

Scroll below for a quick look on how to wear striped blazers in style this year:

blazer by Mizar Clothing

blazer by Romwe

blazer by WAGW

blazer by Mango

blazer by Uterque

blazer by Causeway Mall

What thoughts do you have about striped blazers? Are they a staple in your wardrobe? Which of these stripe-themed looks appeal to you the most? Share below and many thanks for swinging by!

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