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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Floral Blazers/Jackets?

Blazers and jackets that carry floral prints are bold fashion statement-making pieces. Read on for some basic fashion tips when sporting the floral patterned outerwear.

They may appear a tad too busy but they can be such a great addition to style up your basic pieces.

While for some floral prints may instantaneously jog the memories of playing dress up in granny’s clothing, or worse, of gaudy floral curtains that the beloved parents swear are still on trend today, many are beginning to embrace this pretty bold outerwear trend.

So, How do one wear floral blazers/floral jackets without looking like a fashion wreck?

The key to wearing them in style is to let the blazer/jacket be the focal point while keeping the rest understated in solid colored tones.

When you keep other pieces in solid colors, the floral prints of your blazer/jacket become the focal point which is exactly the main goal of wearing it in the first place.

If you love neutral tones, wear white pants, simple cream top and nude heels. Throw on the floral blazer like an afterthought for a bold fashion statement. The main thing is to keep everything else less visually busy or in monochromatic shades and in a basic clean cut so they won’t be in a competition to stand out with the blazer.

If you’re the casual girl, wear very basic pieces such as a tank top in a solid color, high waisted denim and some smoking heels or flats. The floral blazer’s purpose is to stand bold and proud.

For those who love to experiment with wearing print on print, keep one of the printed pieces relatively subdued than the next one.

If you have chosen a blazer/jacket that has graphic floral prints, keep the blouse that you’re wearing underneath in subtler/smaller prints. This way, you’ll prevent yourself from looking like you’ve stepped out of the 80s era to scare your friends.

What type of prints shall I choose to go with my floral blazer?

Stripes or polka dots.

Scroll down for more creative ideas on how to rock floral blazers/jackets courtesy of the always fashionable lookbookers.

Where can I get amazing floral jackets at affordable rates here in Malaysia? Check out the links below:

Liliana Floral Jacket available at Daily Boutique
Biker Floral Jacket at Style Influx
Floral Pattern Jacket (Retro) at Chi Chi Principle
Floral Blazer (Cotton) at Dream Fashion Hauz
Bold Floral Print Blazer at Covetz
Zara-inspired Floral Blazer at The Garden of Fashion

So ladies, have you been wearing floral jackets/blazers? How do you wear them? Do you keep it safe by wearing it with solid colored pieces or do you mix it up with other prints? Share below.

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