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Another year, this will be a slithering one !


Been a while since the last post, just would like to take this opportunity to greet Happy Chinese New Year to everyone

As how, Epicpictures do every year, there will be annual CNY piece. Without further ado, i present you the below. How you like it. Feel free to let me know what do

epicpictures: been a while since the last…

Been a while since the last post, which was done before CNY 2012,

Things been up and down, plan to start a project which ports the design to another medium. Faced plenty of obstacles, still on hold but it is getting there soon. I guess some might have known what this project i

Epicpictures: Happy Chinese New Year 2012! Year of the Dragon – Updated

After some reviews from friends, family, and peers, decided to create another CNY greeting. A more optimistic and uplifting mood to this. The message “peeking into the dragon year” – means that it carries hope and look forward for the better this year though it is still very much at the early stage.


Epicpictures – from Hong Kong with Love

After few months down the road, started approaching and approached by models from Hong Kong to do a pieces on TF basis. The above is Nadya Lam, a friendly, humble and willing to go great lengths to help model. Great friend. She done numerous advertising materials for in the HK market. Did a few

Epicpictures – Where You Looking At?

Just did a spontaneous one when came across the original picture (prefer not to show it here or the link because it contains nudity) :) sorry. The name of this model is Peta Todd, an English glamour model and Page Three girl. You can easily Google her name for bio.

This is actually the

Epicpictures is the answer to all photographers and models

















Feast your eyes to some of the amazing stylized pictures below. “Picturized” – this is the new term for it.

Epicpictures is a very small startup that currently aim to provide creative assistance to all photographers and models