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Epicpictures: Happy Chinese New Year 2012! Year of the Dragon – Updated

Chinese New Year 2012

After some reviews from friends, family, and peers, decided to create another CNY greeting. A more optimistic and uplifting mood to this. The message “peeking into the dragon year” – means that it carries hope and look forward for the better this year though it is still very much at the early stage.

Still trying my best to carry a different look from other conventional work out there. Hope it got through.

Chinese New Year 2012 Year of the Dragon. Version 2

Happy Chinese New Year to all guys and girls! Wishes you all the best and have a prosperous year ahead!

Epicpictures been doing this annual CNY greetings works for the past 3 years starting from 2010, the year of Tiger until now. It is just the way we share our love to all during this festive season.

Well this time around, the work for CNY 2012 took a more radical direction (as i always do – be different that normal greetings). It is more personal this time, the wording, Uprising, the cracked skin, tone, color, mood and everything. People who know or close to me would know what it means :) So far it have been good, thought a lot would agree that the mood is too somber and suggest that i do another uplifting version.

Anyways i did a couple of versions. A black alternate version and also using a different model – as below because i couldn’t decide which to go with. Please bear with me if it is getting boring.

Chinese New Year 2012 - Year of the Dragon

Using model, Nadya Lam



These are the 2 did for earlier years

Chinese New Year 2011

For the year 2011, the year of Rabbit. It took me quite some time to figure out how to translate/transform the Chinese calligraphy ? to of an rabbit image. Reviews were good but it would be better if it is more “clean”.

chinese new year ( when east meet west)

This was for 2010, which started all these. It received great review from everybody, on how the sharp edges transform to a tiger’s head. Mind you – this wasn’t inspired by the Proton or the Maybank logo at that time.

Credits to Nadya Lam.
Courtesy of Epicpictures

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