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Epicpictures is the answer to all photographers and models

















Feast your eyes to some of the amazing stylized pictures below. “Picturized” – this is the new term for it.

Epicpictures is a very small startup that currently aim to provide creative assistance to all photographers and models alike to enhance their work and enrich their portfolio. Which will ultimately create awareness among potential clients :)







Chinese New Year 2011

Must be wondering why all works are the opposite sex. Well, what can i say? Women are the most beautiful creation on earth! Something about them that makes them so special! None of these work can achieve the same impact if it is being replaced by a guy. Imagine that :P


And everyone’s favorite…

Somehow the work below reflects a 3D impression to it, which is very rarely achieved.

shattered glasses

Most of the jobs below are done overseas client or just personal favor for some great friends.

Credits to Fame Cherry – who allows me to share some of my works to all of you. Would also like to thank the gorgeous models from around the world who given me their permission use some of their images.

Checkout all the works here and feel free to voice out comments in there. Let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more work coming soon!

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