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Fashionista NOW: Shades Of Brown Pants And Why Fashion Isn’t Everything

Shades Of Brown Pants And Why Fashion Isn't Everything

Brown pants are the butt of the pirate joke, we get it. But they are quite chic. Read my rant on why fashion isn’t everything and find the list of pants in shades of brown so seriously chic it isn’t funny.

Sometimes I trawl fashion forums online and get a little bit hot, temperature-wise, mind you over things that people say when they are behind screens but oh well, that’s nothing new. We all have these episodes of fuming done solely behind screens over things strangers type on their own screens. Ridiculous, I know. I am far from being fashionable and as much as I love writing about fashion trends and all that jazz, I don’t take them seriously enough to be judgmental about other people’s style choices to the point of putting them down.

The forum that I was on had a bunch of people unleashing their raw and honest thoughts on the local Malaysian fashion climate, saying that we are just not fashionable enough basing their research on what people wear at certain malls and that we are behind trends all the time. Outrageous, right? Sarcasm aside, the last bit made my blood boil because I really don’t make it a point to live my life by wearing the latest of trends. It’s great to like a few trends but to be on every bandwagon? No, thank you because that’s not how I roll and certainly not, for other sensible grown adults.

Fashion Snobbery Is Uncool

So, yes, we may not all be that fashion-oriented, partly due to upbringing, culture and that blessed humidity, a signature trait of our Malaysian weather. Yes, we dress so casually bordering on the very minimalist it hass transcended straight into boring and predictable category. And let me tell you why that it is – It is simply because some of us just give no flying piglets over being dressed up to the latest fads and I’m included in this crowd as well.

It’s fun and games to be a fashion critic when it’s a job you’re paid to do but to sit with your nose so far up in the brilliant blue sky thinking others are below you on the basis that they aren’t fashion-up-to-date enough? That is really shallow. While I may dislike certain styles of dressing, the clothes aren’t on my body. I will have opinions but that’s it. People have bad days and on these days dressing on trend isn’t’ the highest priority. This includes celebs as well. Also, don’t forget that some just don’t see the need to dress to impress and that is completely okay, okay? And what’s trendy for them may not be for you. Live and let live, cliched at that sounds. Well, there’s the end of my ranty rant.

Not A Brown Pants Joke

Anyway, on to the subject of brown pants and no, not the jokes.

We all know brown pants are the butt of all the endless hilarity having to do with accidental evacuations of the gut but let’s leave that out of our imagination, for now. Take your brown pants out of the office and into the streets and if they are about to break apart, no worries as I’ve a list of brown pants you can call your own.

I’ve written previously on how to wear them cocoa pants and seeing that they’re either apparently too boring or too funny for some, let’s see if you’d fined the list of pants in the shades of brown below worthy of a space in your chic wardrobe. Enjoy!


What do you think about those who are so fashion-obsessed they’ve left common human decencies out of the door? Do you know these people? What causes this mentality? I’d love to know your thoughts – share them below!

“The pure modernist is merely a snob; he cannot bear to be a month behind the fashion.”G.K. Chesterton, All Things Considered

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