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Fashionista NOW: 7 Fashionable Ways To Sport The Bandana Style Inspiration

Credit | Daphne Blunt

I thought the bandana was dead but it’s not. In fact, it’s in, worn not just over heads and around necks. Find out how you can style your old bandana anew!

Never one to think of bandana as anything but a hair accessory to be worn when the hair isn’t cooperating and you want to get it out of the way. The last I knew of anyone who had worn a bandana over their heads was quite possibly close to over decade ago, when the word fashion just didn’t register with me. Funny how the passing of time can really shake things up in the world of fashion, making hip of what was just pretty meh.

I first caught the whiff of the returning bandana trend on a few bloggers who wore them around their necks and not the way that you’d tie a scarf looking all feminine and dainty but like a cowboy. I suppose it’s the juxtaposition thing again, where it’s much fresher to mix in masculine element to make a statement.

Though I’m not a fan of the cowboy bandana look, I love seeing them bandanas styled effortlessly on other body parts like the wrist, head, about the neck in a loose loop or just as a bag accessory, dangling off of it.

Bandana In History

Going back to the roots of why bandana exists in the first place is something that everyone ought to do. It is a functional piece of cloth shaped as a triangle or square worn over the head or around the neck for protective or decorative purposes. What does it protect you from, you ask?

Back when the streets had a pervading funky scent (and they still do), you’d cover your collective noses with a scented bandana to prevent yourselves from keeling over. Exaggeration, my own. In the olden days where a lady employed subtlety in her approach to husband hunting, she would intentionally and strategically drop a delicate square or embroidered fabric giving her favored man a chance to pick it up as an excuse to initiate a conversation with her, possibly about the weather or something.

This year, we are seeing a lot of celebs and fashion bloggers wearing their bandanas for fun and it is fun as the bandana add to their outfits a visual and textural pop. Fashion aside, don’t forget that a bandana can be quite a nifty little fabric that can hide a multitude of sins like that ratty hair you’ve been sporting for more than 3 days and a bit of injury about the neck you are rather pleased with.

On to the ways to style the bandana, shall we?

| Jenn Su

| Patricia G.

| Lucia Mouet

| Mizuho K.

| Eliska H.

| Amy Ramirez

Tell us: Which look is your favorite? Do you wear bandanas in real life and if so, how do you personally style your bandana? Share away below ladies and lads – I love reading your thoughts!

“I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don’t expect it.”Jean Paul Gaultier

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