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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Wear Brown Pants Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Soumaya

Got yourself a pair of brown pants you just don’t know how to style? Let’s get clued up quickly here!

Brown is one the 70s favorite colors. In line with the laidback normcore spirit, brown’s earthiness also makes it a go-to color for blending effectively with the crowd and areas where earthy brown soil is in abundance.

A pair of brown pants though can trigger a lot of styling questions especially if you’re restrained by the old myth of an idiotic rule that Thou Shall Not Wear Brown With Black Unless Both Are Together In A Print. I don’t get the thinking behind this at all and will not aim to try as I personally find that the two of them makes quite a charming and classic partnership. So please, ladies and lads, do away with that constrictive and obviously outdated fashion idea because hey, it’s 2015 and we colorblock like a boss!

Nevertheless, should you need a rough fashion guide on styling your brown pants – no matter what shade of brown it is — I’ve gathered a few looks that will hopefully see you dusting your brown pants off and rocking them out this Friday night!

Chic In Brown Pants, Yes, It’s Doable!

| See Yang

| Lara Siles

| Kash Zabala

| Sanna

| Diane Landers

| Sunny Hope

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Which look is your favorite? What other ways would you style your brown pants? Share away below – I do enjoy reading your thoughts!

“Everyone wants to be young and skinny. This is awful. Curves are marvelous. Wrinkles are hypnotizing. Why not just be happy with who you are?”Alber Elbaz

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