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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Shoulder Flaunt Without Baring It All

Credit | Marifer Rocha

Cleavage and butt cheeks are so yesterday as bare shoulders take center stage as the best, most proper body part to flaunt this year. Not a total fan of baring your shoulders, chest and back? Flaunt minimally, dare I say?

By now, you’d have seen the bared shoulder look worn by your favorite fashion bloggers and celebrity idols and feel like you ought to want to join in the crowd and flaunt your shoulders yourself but for some reason can’t because you feel like it’s a bit much for you. Why must it be both shoulders, chest and back all out at once, you say. Why can’t it be like a tease of either one with a bit of chest; or both shoulder out minus having to flaunt your chest and back? Well, you know what? You can do all that and more, of course!

I confess, I’m still not a fan of the total off the shoulder look as I find it more beach side friendly (okay, I’m not that adventurous, there, I said it!). Honestly, I just feel exposed for some reason but I do like the look on others as seen in my previous post on the trend here.

It’s not that I hate my shoulders, I just prefer showing them off in sleeveless tops or dresses. Plus, I find that the shoulder cutout look where only part of the shoulders are exposed as opposed to having a quarter of my upper body out is far more wearable, but hey, that’s just me.

For those who aren’t exactly stoked at the chance to flash their back acne, it’s understandable that the season’s off the shoulder trend comes off as totally unbearable. But there’s no reason to get overly upset when you can flaunt the acneless part of your shoulder/back instead!

And this, you can effectively do by choosing tops that carry the peek-a-boo shoulder cutout design where only your shoulders peek out, and your back acne safely sheltered. Then, there’s the slouchy sweater look with a wide or simply stretched out neckline that’s not wide enough that both of your shoulders have to pop out. This allows you to choose the best shoulder to put forward on display and how much you want of it that you want to flaunt. Brilliant, right?

Now, let us see how you can shoulder flaunt at the level you’re most comfortable with the help of the looks below. Enjoy!

Which look is your favorite? Are you a fan of baring the top part of your body? How much shoulders are you comfortable showing? Share below – I devour your thoughts like cheesecake!

“The essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex.”Giorgio Armani

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