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Rainbow Niobium Earrings For Ears With Metal Sensitivities

Rainbow Niobium Earrings For Ears With Metal Sensitivities
Credit: CreatingUnkamen

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For ears that are especially sensitive to metals, choosing the right type of earrings involves a certain kind of specificity. In this post, your sensitive ears will be catered to and further, your love for rainbows will be satiated.

Niobium is the keyword, folks. It’s a rare, semi precious metal that is making waves in the jewelry sphere. It is scratch-resistant and highly malleable making it extremely suitable for intricate design work. It is lightweight, a real bonus point in the case of ear adornments as you will forget that you have earrings on. A treat for those who are especially sensitive to the way jewelry feels to the body when worn.

The rainbow appearance in niobium earrings is made through a process that involves a bath and electric charge. The oxide film that goes to the surface of the metal is responsible for the explosion of colors that are permanent and safe to wear being that niobium is hypoallergenic. (Reference: Pros and Cons of Niobium Jewelry | Jewelry Guide)

Let’s look at the types of rainbow niobium earrings that can spruce up your sensitive ear game this year, now, shall we?

10 Niobium Rainbow Earring Styles To Consider Wearing In 2021

Rainbow Coil Niobium Earrings // isidro
Niobium Twist Statement Earrings // CreatingUnkamen
Twisted Niobium Hoop Earrings // CreatingUnkamen
Dot Niobium Earrings // CreatingUnkamen
Small Hoop Niobium Earrings // MoonkistCreations
Rainbow Niobium Hoop Earrings // isidro
Niobium Cube Hoop Earrings // AnvilAndAgate
Spiral Niobium Earrings // isidro
Niobium Bar Earrings // WICKEDWIRED
Coil Hoop Niobium Earrings // CreatingUnkamen

So, what do you think of these niobium earrings? Don’t you just love their splendid iridescence? I’m absolutely enthralled! Be sure to drop your comments down below!

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