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Jewelry For Men: Can Guys Wear Pearls Today?

Jewelry for men: Can guys wear pearls today?
Credit: SharpJewlry

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Pearls for the fellas. 

Spare the pearl-clutching, folks: pearls are genderless!

Pearls had been worn by men in ancient times. Just because you grew up seeing them only worn by the ladies in your lives doesn’t mean you can’t join in the pearl gang, gentlemen!

Pearls, just like other materials that make up a bracelet, necklace or a humble ring can be worn by both gals and guys. Even if you are the macho-est guy around, you definitely can sport a pearl jewelry of your liking.

A bracelet made up of pearls can look good on a manly wrist even as it looks lovely on a feminine one. Don’t let an outdated idea of pearls scare you into avoiding them when it comes to accessorizing as a warm-blooded male. Pearls might have decorated the neck of your grandma and your granddad wore other forms of necklaces. Notice that necklaces alone are general enough to be worn by both genders. Pearl necklaces? Well folks: a guy in 2022 can defo pull it off. You have to break the association in your head with pearls being in the feminine territory. In ancient times, pearls were actually worn by Indian maharajas and European monarchs.

It’s only in modern times that pearls are thrown into a very gendered jewelry niche with females being the ones wearing them. Lately though with a more liberalized attitudes in fashion, pearls have made a return in men’s jewelry. Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes are a key celebs that had helped thrust the image of men wearing pearls into the spotlight. In 2019, A$AP Rocky wore an oversized pearl necklace and matching rings as pearls started to infiltrate the jewelry for men in contemporary times.

Let’s look at some pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces that men can gladly wear, shall we?

Here's to passing the pearls to the guys...

waterproof pearl statement necklace for men // SharpJewlry
luxury pearl bracelet for men // ALAYOF
half pearl half chain bracelet // N207
half pearl half chain bracelet // N207
black pearl and leather bracelet for men // NaimaPearls
black pearl and leather bracelet for men // NaimaPearls
mini freshwater pearl bracelet // Twistedpendant
pearl and gold hematite necklace for men // OlyfDesign
pearl and gold hematite necklace for men // OlyfDesign
grey crystal pearl and chain bracelet // SSIIBB

How do you like these pearl jewelry for guys? Which pearl bling is your favorite and would you as a guy, wear pearls?

Share below. I love hearing your thoughts.


Till the next post, take care of your precious self, do what you love, smile from your heart, laugh from the belly and most of all: let all you do spring from that gooey soft corner in your heart!

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