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Fashionista NOW: Realize Your Vintage Polka Dots Fashion Fantasy This Raya

Polka dot themed outfits exude a retro vibe which can be styled to spell out “chic & understated” or simply “old school glamorous”.

If you’re a polka dot fanatic whose fashion wardrobe is always spotted with them cute dots throughout the year, I’m sure you’d be looking to style your baju raya in a fresh way where the dots get to steal the limelight, again for Eid, right?

And if you are a complete sucker for vintage inspired fashion, you’d probably have gone on an online shopping spree at Vintage Rockstar where unique vintage pieces lay about just waiting to be grabbed. If you haven’t, well, now is the time!

Vintage and polka dots are two major fashion trends that – when worn together and styled just right – can really have your friends and admirers gushing and drooling about at your exquisite sense of fashion. Throw in some pastel or candy flavored hues to switch up the retro mood and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For Eid 2012 fashion inspiration this time, let’s draw out some baju raya fashion ideas from the polka dotted vintage-inspired outfits shared below.

Recycle your old polka dot blouses and skirts by making them fashionable again this Raya season.

Are you game on sporting spots this Raya holidays? Tell us how you would wear your polka dots below.

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