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Fashionista NOW: Rocking The Polka Dots In Fashion

Polka Dots is a trend that comes and goes by at the spur of the moment. Being one of the classic styles of the 1950s, it is a rite of the fashion passage that the trend returns once in a while coupled with a touch of the modern flavor of the current times.

Let’s admit that wearing polka dots can be challenging as it can make you look like a 5-year-old or reveal the Minnie Mouse fetish that’s better left hidden, if worn a little too over the top.

But how does one wear the trend the right way? Now it should be known to you that while I can appreciate the dramatic fashion that’s made for the runway, the advice on wearing polka dots here is for wearable looks that you can whip out for work, casual day out and night time wear.

Let’s check out these pictures to get an idea.

Clothing item that has polka dots is and by itself a bold fashion statement, just like blouses, skirts or pants that have prints or patterns on them. A wonderful way to rock a polka dots blouse is to wear it with a solid color skirt. This way, you’ll look chic and unique without trying too hard.

Dots that are smaller in size like in the picture above are subtle that you do not have to worry if they are too distracting. Polka dots come in various sizes and colors but you’ve got to find the style that works with your body type.

Petite body types should stick with smaller sized dots and larger dots work well with broader sized women as they create focus on key areas that can flaunt your womanly curves.

As a statement piece, polka dots shorts can be paired with a loose blouse or shirt of a solid color and a pair of peep toe ankle boots, also of a solid color. Keep it classy and simple by wearing the rest of your clothing pieces in solid colors that complement the polka seamlessly.

The polka dots sweater in soft beige pairs effortlessly with cream colored shorts. The only other items that has printed textures are the stockings which I suppose are utilized to colorblock with the nude heels as well as to keep warm, obviously!

Keep it mind that wearing stockings with sandals or open toe heels may work on a young person, but my advice is to stay away from the trend if it’s not something you like.

Who says you can’t look smoulderingly hot while rocking the dots? Wearing polka dots sheer tights is another way to incorporate these fashionable circles into an outfit that will turn heads.

Looking for a modern chic look in polka galore? Wear a loose polka dots blouse tucked into a A-line skirt in solid color and you’re good to go.

The key fashion tip here is to keep only one item that’s dots-packed at a time. No use in cramping your style by incorporating a mix and match of other prints and patterns unless the dizzying effect is what you aim to achieve.

The polka dotted skirt is such a grand statement here that the rest of the outfit complement it in a way that doesn’t steal the attention away. She wears a pair of heels that have smaller dots and that’s okay as long as the colors are complementary.

Wanna look retro wearing the polka? This fine ensemble right here, has retro written all over it. It’s polka dots over polka dots and it is surprisingly not dizzying because the dots are of one size and color, and the one-tone background navy blue makes for the perfect contrast.

The belt that she wears over her dotted collared dress gives a pulled-over structure to the look and the dotted blazer lends an element of the nostalgic past.

So do you like this very dotty fashion trend? I hope these basic ideas on rocking a wearable polka ensemble will help you create the perfect look. Have fun looking fabulous, ladies!

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