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Fashionista NOW: Classic Black And White Stripes Fashion Trend

Adding stripes into your wardrobe may be a little daunting at first if you’re used to wearing print-less clothing, but who says you can’t experiment with the classic black and white horizontal/vertical lines for a feel of it.

Before you shake your head and dismiss this simple and effective trend that could get you out of the fashion rut, let’s give stripes a chance by looking at some practical ways that you CAN wear them with class and style, while learning some useful do’s and don’ts that you can share with your friends.

Do Not Fear Horizontal Stripes

If you think that wearing horizontal stripes makes you appear larger, you are actually quite mistaken. And there’s scientific data to back up this statement! Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes can make you appear thinner!

Stripes As A Fashion Statement

I know, I know, everything seems to be a statement of something these days, but in the end the aesthetic appeal of wearing a certain style should matter to you, and you only. In the picture above, the lass is sporting a bold statement black and white sweater with a solid colored skinnies. Doesn’t she look simply amazing?

One Striped Piece At A Time

Wearing stripes doesn’t have to turn you into some kind of a clown, really, if you keep it one striped piece at a time. This is pretty basic stuff. And is especially recommended for those who are not too keen about wearing print on print, which is another topic altogether and is actually doable, if you’re open to the idea.

In the picture above, the lovely Marcella is sporting a striped tee in a twist with camel jeans. Pairing stripes with a neutral color is the best way to play it subtle and elegant.

Stripes As A Dash Of Fun In An Otherwise Solid Colored Outfit

You know the feeling when you’ve put on a solid colored dress or an outfit that is devoid of any kind of statement, that you almost feel like the only thing that blends well with you is the background. Well, stripes can rescue you from the gloom and doom.

Adding a striped piece like a sweater or cardigan will add the oomph to the otherwise monochromatic ensemble, unless that’s your aim of course – Someone has got to be the wallflower every now and then right?

Start With Pinstripes And Ease Into The ‘Lines’

Start by easing into the style by initially wearing pinstripes just to get a feel of having stripes in your wardrobe, and then gradually introducing bigger vertical/horizontal lines.

Punk Rock Your Style With Lines

The easiest way to incorporate a bit of a punk rock vibe into fashion is through wearing statement piece stripes. In the picture above, you can see how easy it is to pull off a stripey punky, rocker chic look together.

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