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Fashionista NOW: For The Love Of Sweet Candy Colors In Fashion

Candy colors are fashionable this year. Just look at the sweet sea of pastels and candy-hued clothing pieces that are decorating the local boutiques and you’ll know what I mean.

Are you a girly girl with a sweet tooth who loves to be seen in your sweetest ensemble as you step out of your house? I bet you’re not the only one. Fashion that takes a spin on candy colors such as one that was featured in Louis Vuitton Spring Couture 2012 are easy and sweet on the eyes and very feminine.

While it’s nice to look like a cotton candy princess every now and then, the fashion forward takes the candy hues to a level that speaks to their unique personalities. Colors are mood inducers and this year, the rising fascination towards the sweet candy tones are reflected in style and clothing.

Below is a selection of fashionistas dressed up from head to toe in these sweet splash of colors. I hope you’ll like it.









Watch the simply delicious (making-of) ad-campaign of Louis Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2012 collection and do get sugared, oops I mean inspired!

Are you loving these candy colors? Have you been stacking your wardrobe with the delightful bright candy colors and wearing them a lot? Tell us below, you sweet thing!

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