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Fashionista NOW: Pastel Minimalist Fashion Inspiration

How do you wear pastel colors without turning into a complete marshmallow? Let us show you the easy and wearable way to do it!

Pastels are barely-there hues that lack strong chromatic content. They’re considered to be soothing colors with a milky, washed out and desaturated appearance.

Unlike the loud in-your-face neon hues that sit on the opposite side of the spectrum; on most people, these nearly neutral pastels are fairly easy to pull off and they turn an outfit into an instant classic that stays relevant all year long.

If you’ve always wanted to sport the pastel fashion trend but do not want the commitment of going head-to-toe in it and end up looking like a candy, the best style method is to anchor your pastel piece down with neutral colors like black, brown, beige and white.

While this is considered the safest approach to embracing the trend, you do have room to inject some visual fun via neutral colored prints into play should you desire so.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the lookbooks below for a quick how-to on nailing down a pastel minimalist look to a tee:

pastel floral jumper – Mango

Team floral prints in mellow pastel colors with the monotone palette of acid wash jeans, boots and a turban-style hat in black and white for a subtle take on the neo grunge fashion trend. Leticia paints her pucker vampiristic red and a simple winged eye liner look to go with her chic outfit.

An easy favorite!

pastel blue dress

Toughen up the the baby blue dress and pink shoulder bag with a jacket, hat, tights and footwear that come in serious black. The pairing of the near-neutral pastel and black is visually not too dissimilar from wearing a black and white combo.

So if you’re already a fan of the latter, you may just find this outfit rendition appealing. Extra style points for the wide brimmed hat! Love!

pastel blue jumper – H&M

And here’s another dark look with a pastel blue making a show of itself surrounded by the blackest of black colors. The contrast between bold colors of black and maroon red (on the lips) against the baby blue is visually arresting. The beanie seems to have a life of its own but this outfit is killer!

pastel blue top

Want to keep the feminine vibe whilst you anchor your pastel color down? Wear it like Miss Cassandra (above) by teaming a pastel blue top with a romantic pleated skirt in black. For a dash of glam, throw on a statement necklace. Bring back some color vibrancy via ankle strap heels in blue.

Pleats are awesome, so more style pointers here!

pastel cardigan – Crash And Burn

Channel your inner goth/grunge/punk/whatever by topping off your gloriously black look with a cardigan rendered in soft periwinkle. Sam adores the sweet contrast of the pastel cardi against her soft pink hair. We like it too!

pastel blazer – Artfit

An avid fan of black and white? Here’s how to give your monotone look a breath of fresh air. Top off with a mint blazer and head out the door in effortless style the way Miss Lan does it (above).

pastel periwinkle top

Take the easy chic route by going all in with black (bag) and white (skirt and heels) and a solo pop of pastel (top) for a look that can be taken from day to night!

Now, let’s move to the selected polyvore sets that manage to showcase the pastel hues stylishly while keeping them in check:

#190 pastel


Unbenannt #424

Do you like wearing the pastel trend this way? What is your favorite pastel shade? And how do you personally wear the sugary sweet color trend? Share below!

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”
Oscar Wilde

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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