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Fashionista NOW: Chic Sheer Details Fashion Inspiration

Wonder how to wear the sheer trend this season? From safe to daring, let us show you how to take the peek-a-boo element into your wardrobe.

With the sun being out from behind the clouds and clothes becoming lighter and less relevant (kidding!), it’s not long before they all get a sheer update.

Tops, skirts and dresses are all being given a sheer fashion treatment with the introduction of mesh and organza inserts decorating sleeves, shoulders, waists, and hems.

Whether you’re a risque fashion queen or the play-it-safe but uber chic fashionista, it all goes back to the way you choose to style the trend in the end.

If you’re going to stretch the limits of flesh-flaunting-and-teasing into the daring territory, wear sheer tops over bras and don’t forget to carry a bold attitude along with such a look lest you let the clothes wear you.

While layering with bandeau tops of bright colors are a previous season’s affair, don’t let that stop you from giving it a fresh twist. Don a sheer outerwear over crop tops, for instance.

Sheer skirts or ‘leg veils’ are returning into the fashion scene and if you’re into leg peek-a-boo effects, be a proper skin tease and embrace skirts of varying lengths and sheer styles that speak to your fancy.

From polka dots, stripes, floral, lace to sequinned and bejeweled embellishments making an mark on the sheer fabrics, there are limitless style options that you can dip your toes into.

Give your sheer-themed outfit a girly vibe with a full fluffy sheer chiffon skirt or take the gothic route with dark interpretations in long swing-y witch-y sheer black skirt alternatives.

For a quick inspiration on how to wear the sheer fashion trend this year, cast your attention to the lookbooks down below:

sheer white jacket – Neville

sheer shirt – DIY

sheer crop top – Bershka

sheer top – Out With Audrey

sheer top – Pro*zak

sheer top – Shoppiin

Now, to the polyvore sets for other outfit options that showcase the sheer trend this year:

Sheer nostalgia visits me again


papaveri e papere

What do you think of this peek-a-boo fashion trend? How would you choose to style it? Would you go bold and let your lingerie make an appearance or keep it conservative yet chic with strategically placed sheer details? Share below!

“Your clothes should be as important as your skin.”Amit Kalantri

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