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Fashionista NOW: Chic in Gingham Fashion Inspiration

A classic retro print style to go with your most minimalist monotone look: gingham.

Gingham, interestingly, has its root traced back to the Malay word ‘genggang’, which means ‘striped’.

The dutch-colonized Malaysia then were manufacturing the fabric along with Indonesia and India. The introduction of gingham from the far East and into the West occurred in the 17th century when it was exported into Europe and then the U.S.A.

The medium-light quality of the gingham fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn makes it easy to wash, durable and simple in design. (source) For the hotter seasons of Spring and Summer, here’s a fabric style that one must be in possession of.

The history of gingham in fashion goes way back and while it floats in and out of the spotlight as trends from the past often do, the previous year had seen a renewed interest and influx of the retro print style.

With the global fashionistas’ current inclination to wearing monochrome color combo this year that signifies a more simplistic and clean approach to dressing up, gingham goes right back into the clutches of the fashion lovers.

Rightfully synchronized with the music festival season, and more sunny day out excursions, details like gingham distinguished as checkered patterns, can surely take an outfit into the realm of retro modern when styled tastefully.

For an instant fashion inspiration on how to make gingham relevant again in your day and evening wardrobes this season, we direct you to the selected lookbooks below:

gingham check dress – Phila-Petra

gingham skirt – Primark

vintage gingham shirt

gingham pants

gingham pants – Motel Rocks

gingham shirt – Joe Fresh | Gingham skirt – H&M

To the polyvore sets for more ideas on how to incorporate gingham into your spring/summer wardrobe:

denim shorts#cardigan#gingham

gingham dress for spring

Gingham is Fresh

Do you plan to wear gingham prints any time soon? What kind of outfit style would you come out with to showcase the retro trend? Share below and let us know!

“Fashion is a social agreement. the result of a consensus of a large group of people.”Stella Blum

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