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Fashionista NOW: Bold Fruit Prints Fashion Inspiration

A world without juicy fruits is unthinkable. Express your love for them by wearing clothes that feature your favorite fruit this season.

Fruits have been used in various art forms.

From being the vibrant subjects for painting and props or inspiration utilized in the backdrop of photography, their presence in fashion is only reflective of the enduring bond our collective palates have with them and the vivid colors, scents and textures they are exquisitely dressed in that seduce us all even more.

And now that spring and summer is in the air, colors that are bold and patterns that are out there seem to fall into the must-wear category. If you’re a fruit lover, here’s a season to indulge your favorite fruit in a way that is decorative instead of digestive.

From bananas, strawberries, apples to cherries, the way to go this season is bold and proud. Tops and bottoms, skirts and dresses, totes and clutches and various styles of footwear are imbued with the season’s freshest fruit motifs.

How you take the fruit-inspired fashion trend into your brand of style is a matter of taste but we highly recommend going the graphic route and use the fruit prints as a major fashion statement.

To the lookbooks below for bold style renditions of going fruity or bananas with your favorite fruit print:

melon print dress – Gorman

pineapple top & skirt – Loony Store

banana print dress – Lovely Sally

cherry print dress – Reko

cherry print dress – Asian iCandy

cherry print sneakers – Nike

To the selected polyvore sets for more fruit-infused fashion:

Pineapple 1

Pineapple 1 by hohot featuring a gold ring

For a beach chic outfit style, wear a big pineapple print top with a pair of oversized high waist denim shorts made summer-appropriate with subtle tie dye.

Slip into strappy sandals and carry a crossbody bag in shades of brown. Finish off with pineapple-inspired necklace in gold, pineapple ring in rose gold, knuckle rings and a pair of sun ray repellent eyewear.


Going bananas in fashion is IN. Team a miniskirt featuring graphic banana prints with an in-your-eye neon hued turtle neck crop top and a pair of pointy ballerina shoes in pastel yellow.

Tone the brightness down with a sleek black leather bag, minimalist numberless watch and a duck necklace that is thankfully not in yellow.


Make a mix of lemons and oranges your fashion statement by going the casual chic route. Team your fruit print retro shorts with black crop top layered with a denim jacket in blue. Complete it off with chunky boots in black made for serious walking in the sun and singing in the rain.

What do you think of the fruit inspired fashion trend? Do you dare to make fruits a highlight in your daily wear? What is your favorite fruit print to sport? Let us know in the comment section below!

“The human body is the best work of art.”Jess C. Scott

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