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Fashionista NOW: How To Rock Printed Pants Without Looking Like A Fashion Victim

Printed pants trend has been in and out of fashion and the trend is famous for inspiring some really unsightly fashion faux pas. Read on for some fashion tips to ensure that when you rock that bold print-loaded pants, you’ll look good!

To be honest, this post is inspired by some really not-so-shockingly embarrassing old photos of me when I was wearing printed pants back in the day. After some gut-tickling toe-curling laughs with my siblings looking at my unexplained fetish for pants with bold prints, I decided that I have to write this piece.

So here it is. And no, I will never share those old photos of me, never!

To Age Or Not To Age

If you’ve seen matured ladies wearing pants with prints, you’ll know that printed pants are easily associated with the grandma style. The rest of the youngsters are too busy hoarding jeans because well, that is the trend so synonymous with the young ones.

In actual truth, the printed pants can be a style booster no matter what your age is as long as you wear them well. In the photo above, you’ll immediately notice that Uli Chan really looks good in those prints.

So before you make a purchase, try them pants on first just to gauge if they flatter you or age you instead. Bring an honest fashionable friend with you if the mirror has the tendency to lie.

Add Back Inches to your Height, My Dear!

While the print-decorated pants are a such bold fashion statement (when worn correctly), they can take away inches from your height. To add in those inches back:

  • Wear shoes that carry the main color of your printed pants, preferably with some heels.
  • If you’re petite, stick with prints that are small in size. Giant prints are a no-no.
  • If you’re really tall, big prints are wearable but it depends on the width of your hips.
  • If you want to divert attention from the center of your body, keep the prints subtle and soft.
  • Wear shoes that are in the color closest to your skin tone to give the illusion of a taller silhouette.

Print on freakin’ print? Too Much?

On the runway, models rock bold prints from top to bottom like they’ve gone gaga. But in the real world, fashion police will start giving out tickets. For me, a wearable and tasteful look with printed pants would be to keep the area above the waist in solid color, print-free.

Soft Floral Print Fashion Inspiration

But if you do decide to wear prints up on top, stick with those that are soft and subtle to avoid looking completely busy. When prints do more than flatter, they can be overwhelming.

Print on Print Tips & Tricks

Must Pair Them Pants With Suitable Shoes At ALL TIMES

On the subject of shoes, notice how Linh Dao wears her prints coupled with black pumps that exposes a lot of skin. The pairing adds some length to her legs and this is yet another alternate way to prevent that cut-off effect wearing printed pants can do to some of us.

Excuse me, it’s not just for the Skinny!

Although you may feel that printed pants are only for the skinny folks, they can be worn by everyday types like you and me. The trick is to find out distinct cuts and designs that will flaunt your figure’s good stuff.

Monochromatic Up Top Works Every Time

An easy way to look chic without going mad with prints is to keep the rest of what you wear in solid color. This way, the prints will have a monochromatic background to stand out instead of compete with other prints. Go easy on the accessories too!

How To Wear Animal Prints Without Turning Into An Animal?

It is obvious that printed pants are a grand fashion statement and that knowing how to wear them right can set you apart from the print-crazy mob. I hope these photos and ideas will inspire you to try out the printed pants trend and perhaps help you transform your fashion sense. Have fun ladies!

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