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Fashionista NOW: How To Rock Combat Boots Fashion Inspiration

Combat boots are on the ground for stylish fashion-forward ladies. Check out how to rock these comfy stompers as you combat against a dull and tired wardrobe this season.

We know that combat boots are designed for men in combat (well, duh!). Warfare aside, isn’t it great that the fashion world gets to tone down the military vibe of these serious kickers and turn them into a non-conventional addition that can be teamed up with diverse outfit styles that cater to both men and women alike?

Well, I for one find the footwear a fresh and sensible footwear trend to weather through the monsoon that is taking place right now here in old Malaysia.

Combat Boots Fashion Tips

Find below our favorite lookbookers in their best made-for-walking boots to help yourselves with not 4 but 7 street-style-approved ways to wear the combat boots and channel your inner fashion fighter:

combat boots – Mart Of China

Get into the military chic mode by pairing your combat boots with a black crop top and camo print shorts. Bling it up where appropriate to bring the girly back into your ensemble. Rich dark lip stain completes this edgy look worn by Tisha.

spiked combat boots – Call It Spring

Find combat boots with spikes or studs to appease your love for all things that catches the light. A fun way to marry the sporty and the military is to pair a baseball tee dress in black and grey with spiky booties the way Alysha does it. Keep it girly and cute in the hair-and-makeup department to offset the tough monochromatic vibe.

black leather combat boots – Dr. Martens

Call your inner punk-grunge out by mixing denim washes. Monica plants a punk edginess into her look with a perfect wardrobe statement made of a chain-print crop top, black vintage denim shorts, blue denim jacket and Dr. Martens’ combats boots in black.

combat boots – Wet Seal

Remember that combat boots have the tendency to chop up the length that you’ve got going on vertically. A few tips to prevent unnecessary inches from being lobbed off is to make sure the boots fit your legs well (common sense) and do not feature clunky embellishments.

For those with wide ankles and calves, this is all the more important because constrictive footwear exaggerates the chunkiness of your legs and will make you appear shorter. To add inches back while still keeping some semblance of a continuous long vertical line, find brown hued combat boots instead of black.

Eli who truly lives in her sweater makes the best of the her combat boots by wearing them with a crewneck sweater and a pair of floral shorts.

combat boots – Nine West

Indulge in a play of a slouchy silhouette the way Samantha does it through her choice of wardrobe: a flowy black asymmetrical dress layered with a long oversized dark green cardigan. She wears her combat boots like a rebel half-unbuckled with her black socks taking a peek over the top.

combat boots – Charlotte Russe

Make combat boots the footwear of choice to go with girly dresses. Rachel makes a fashion point by teaming a green jacket over a short checkered dress with subtle waist gathers that she then partner off effortlessly with a pair of black combat boots to maximize the fashion appeal of opposing elements.

combat boots – Style Dasher

The tapered high-waisted blue denim jeans paired with a slouchy black long-sleeved top is a classic wardrobe combination. Rachel P. highlights the small of her waist with a wide belt with a metal buckle.

Her black combat boots with a gold plate detail is one of the ways to approach the combat boot trend with a little surprise that will make you stand out. She elongates and breaks up her top half with a statement necklace featuring an inverted open triangle.

For more ways to intro combat boots into your wardrobe, kindly check out the sets below:

Tricky Trend: Summer Boots

tribal-lined fold-over combat boots | creative set by Angela Windsor

#401 Strawberry Soda

tan combat boots – Steve Madden | creative set by blueberrylexie

423. I'd Have To Pack My Things and Go

eastside combat boots – Nasty Gal | creative set by Daydream Believer

six weeks orange

yvanka combat boots | creative set by greatmisery

Wearing combat boots without socks is terrible. Never let your feet stew in their own juices. Wearing boots when you’re in hot and humid Malaysia is a style and common sense killer. But when it pours, well, they are essentially everything. What are your thoughts about the Autumn’s favorite footwear trend? What do YOU wear with combat boots? Share below and let us know!

“You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it.”Taylor Momsen

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