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Fashionista NOW: Footwear Infatuation ~ The Oxford Shoe Trend

Oxford shoes are the current rage of the footwear world. They’ve been hyped as one of the Autumn shoe trends but I don’t care what season it is; I love them!

I can’t believe it has taken me a while to give this preppy vintage footwear trend a fashion spotlight shout-out when I’ve been inflicted with months of intense obsession!

Facts about Oxford shoes:

Oxfords became the cat’s pajamas in the 1800s when fashion was still all about practicality than it was sheer aesthetics. Initially, these classic leather shoes were abundantly worn in Scotland and Ireland. When the streets of England and the States started to be littered with oxford-covered feet, they became the highlight of the footwear scene.

Like with much of everything else, these shoes were historically made for males. The body of the shoe appears to feature a neat seamless piece of leather which is accompanied with another piece that forms the toe covering.

The practicality of the oxfords is reflected in their no-fuss clean lines and minimalist design which is a prominent trademark.

Over time, the oxfords’ utilitarian look took an aesthetic makeover seen in the presence of decorative stitching and minute cutouts along the seams.

Today, oxford footwear is sported by both genders with women’s oxfords being given more defined decorative features, pop of bold colors and of course, taller heels.

Girly girls do not have to shudder at the thought of the stereotypical masculine-looking oxfords with their flat heels as they now come in feminine-approved sweet design with a more rounded toe and vintage-esque detailing and other lady-certified colors and designs as well as elevated soles.

For those who are tired of ballet flats, smoking slippers and sneaker wedges, you will find Oxfords a go-to footwear variety that is a just simply obligatory.

Scroll below to see how versatile and modern these oxfords are. Notice how they can be effortlessly dressed up or down according to your outfit selection.

Oxford Flatform by june + julia

Oxford Heels

Shoes by ASOS

Shoes by Nine West

Shoes by Summersault. Get something similar from Lil Miss Q

Shoes by ZARA

Oxford Flats

Shoes by Le Bunny Bleu

Shoes by ZARA

Oxford Booties by STL

The adorable floral Oxfords from the first image of this article is from Ichigo.

Ladies, are oxfords shoes cool or what? Do you prefer them flat or with a boost of height; via pointy heels or platforms? Share below.

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