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Fashionista NOW: Why Wedges Are Hot?

Wedges are selling hot right now, and we are not talking about KFC cheesy potato wedges.

It’s the comfortable platform-like shoes,boots, sandals or heels that are made using molded rubber or plastic. Some wedge heels are made with artificial wood-grain, covered with jute rope and some have the extension of the sole with similar color tone as the shoe.

The late 70s and early 80s was the peak time for the most popular wedges shoes designed by Candie’s. Since the 90s up to right this moment, these wedges are making a come back yet again. In Malaysia it has become a growing trend among the young crowd who love a little bit of boost in their height.

Sometimes wedge shoes can be platform shoes if the sole of the shoe under the toes and balls of the foot is raised above by quite a thickened bottom. If the wedge only elevate the upper portion of the foot and going down as a thin sole near the toes, they are not called platform shoes.

So why are wedges hot right now? Is it because Asians are short and in need of a height booster? (hey, I’m not short!) And, why should you buy a pair (or more) if you haven’t already?

Read on to find out the reasons as to why trendy wedges are overtaking the conventional shoes in the footwear scene.

More stability than the traditional heels

If you are prone to falling down while walking on the normal heels, wedges heels are a great alternative. They provide stability as the wedge extends out from the entire sole of the shoe. Instead of balancing the weight of your body on a ridiculously thin heel, with the wedge you are able to place your entire heel on the ground.

If you’re just starting to wear heels, wearing wedges heels is a good start.

Get a bit of spring in your steps

Say you’re the lazy walker who likes to drag her feet, and your partner is starting to feel like you don’t enjoy outings with him anymore.

Solution: Get them wedges !! Why? Well… according to trusted opinions of anonymous females, rubberized wedge heels do add a bit of spring to your walk and are absolutely comfortable to wear compared to kitten heels styles and stilettos.

Can be worn with casual wear or retro styles

Wedge heels/sandals/boots/shoes – all can be worn casually with jeans or skirts. They can also be added in when wearing retro styles of the 70s and 80s.

They come in so many designs!

Do you like wedges? How many pairs do you own? Or do you find them too chunky for your feet? Share with us below, will you?

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