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Fashionista NOW: Inspirational Bohemian Fashion Accessories Ideas

Bohemian fashion is always related to the free-spirited attitude of the person/wearer that strives on limitless creativity and independence. I often think it is about practicality mixed in with individual eccentrics, dashed with an appreciation of the subjective expression of art and beauty and an inclination for the unconventional.

Philosophy aside, the boho fashion is all fun and freedom. Basically, you put on layered clothing of diverse patterns using themes of flora/fauna/abstract – which are not too expensive that it drills a hole in your pocket, and accessories that are preferably earth-friendly to flaunt the arty-farty side of you.

And here, we shall take a sneak peek on boho inspired accessories and items that you wear in the spirit of the Bohemian!Let’s go!


Bracelets/bangles worn for the occasions that you are turning into a full-blown Bohemian, are usually of the beaded/wooden (natural) sort. There are a whole fancy variety of them out there and all you need to do is just pick the ones that feel right for you and your bohemian style.

Also check out hippie-inspired wristbands that are made by leather, feathers or are braided. Bangles that are made of wood and stretchy materials are also great. You can also wear the ethnic-Indian glass bangles that are available in many colours.

Side note: It’s not wise to imitate another person’s fashion interpretation of the Bohemian and I would definitely advice for you to get in touch with your own unique sense of style,and start from there. After all, it’s your own body that’s going to be decorated. Not anyone else, right?

Bohemian style necklaces

Again, there are beaded necklaces. Necklaces made up of stones or brown leather. There are woven ones mixed with beads, feathers or shells and also other types that carry a mix of various metal beads (made of brass) and iridescent glass beads. Think and choose, my Bohemian friend!

Rings and Earrings

Watch/stalk for jewellery clearance sales at the local thrift stores or online. Being a bohemian is about practicality. Why spend too much when you can purchase them rings/earrings at a low price, eh? You can still be fashionable while being economical right?

Rings – For rings, I would suggest holding out your bohemian fashion compass and find the ones that are best for you. No rules and regulations. I love the quirky ones with unique designs on the ring head. But that’s just me. What about you?

Earrings – Dangly earrings with floral/nature motif is one of the many types out there that you can wear that will exude the aura of the Bohemian fashionista. I have no love for dangly stuff on my ears, so coloured studs are my thing. What about you?


Belts are heaven-sent because the bohemian-inspired style is a mix of layered loose pieces of clothing and on a thin frame a single belt can do wonders by giving the body a waistline. If you have no lady curves, then say “Yay Belts!”.

Belts that are very bohemian are the Moroccan boho belts which can come in various styles such as the leather link, boho tooth and waist belts. Other types of belts that tickle your fancy are just as good, no kidding.


With hats, it’s a party of choice out there and all you need is to get a type or a selection of hats that goes well with your boho look. You can even make one on your own if you’re that creative.

Wide brimmed straw hats is another option. It is something I’ve seen models/actresses wear. Actually I’ve seen it more times on my mother’s head while she does her gardening, and now my mind associates the straw hat with toiling out in the sun. So I’d very much suggest the chic knitted oversized beret instead. It hangs loosely on your head and it keeps you warm too, while looking pretty darn trendy.. (and also less.. gardener-looking).


This is a must have. You can wear it around your neck. You can use it as a head accessory. You can tie up another person. Well the last one is just a joke. It is very compulsory for guys who are bohemian-fashion-inclined, to own at least a pair.

The batik-print scarf adds the ummph to your Bohemian fashion anytime and the light material it’s made of is suitable for wear when it’s not too cold.


The best thing about boho bags is that they’re made of recycled materials and thus the earth/universe will love you for the grand gesture.

There are endless types of boho bags (and purses) out there with different shapes and colors that you can find – patchwork bags, embroidery bags, Batik print bags and more.

Another positive attribute of the bag is that it’s quite spacious and thus can be a storage for all sorts of junk that you intend to carry around. I love these kinds of bags because you can never know when you need to hide a whole dinner meal for your family when you’re sneaking food into the cinema, right?

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