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Fashionista NOW: Bohemian Vintage Fashion Inspiration

A touch of vintage and a pinch of bohemian in your clothing can make you stand out. There’s something elegant yet free-spirited about the combination that makes it so refreshing. The mix of bohemian and vintage in fashion is all about bringing out your own sense of style out in the most practical and liberating way, and that’s the reason why I’m completely head over heels with it.

As always, I never fail to be hypnotized by the subtle elegance at a sight of lady passing by in her boho-vintage swag. I’ve always been taken in by the exquisite lightness of the vintage style and the whimsical aspect of the bohemian and when both of the best fashion elements are combined, it just makes for extremely gorgeous fashion, don’t you think?

Let me present to you a coupla stunning boho-vintage fashion ideas that can perhaps lend a few creative tips for you ladies to chew on a bit.

A mix of boho-inspired bangles, earrings and a funky purple vintage-inspired fringe boho bag can spice up an elegant black dress. All you need to put on to complete the whole bohemian-vintage look is as always a ton of confidence! Are you game?

The flowy floral black vintage skirt is just practical for an outing on a hot sunny Malaysian day and the model has a pair of fab black heels to amp up the fashion-meter. Make sure to take into account the size of your body before going out in this floaty fit dress because it can overpower a frail-sized person or make you look bigger than you already are if you’re a plus size.

The maxi dress(above) with coupled with the knitted cardigan is perfect for a stroll in at the beach or at the mall with your lady friends or your significant other.

And if you’re going to walk in the sun, you could style it up by wearing a broad straw hat. Don’t forget to whip up tons of sunscreen and please use the UV-protected sunglasses to shield your eyes to minimize squinting – this will cut down the developments of crow’s feet (wrinkle lines near the outer corner of your eyes) and your eyes will love you for that.

Here’s a hippie-inspired look (above and below) for the jovial at heart.

Purple’s a cool boho color and so is turquoise. You can definitely use other vibrant colors of your liking, such as greens, blues and reds the same way that it’s been used here.

Bracelets that are bohemian inspired are a must have. Real vintage ones can be costly but there are many affordable vintage-inspired ones if you know where to look for them precious treasures.

There’s a Malaysian vintage jewelry online shop that I highly recommend. It’s called A Fashion Story. There are broad variety of fancy vintage-inspired accessories to pick from. A warning for shopaholics – Your time and money will be spent well!

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