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Fashionista NOW: Lacy In Fashion ~ The Delicate Appeal Of Lace

Lace is back as one of the key trends for fall/winter fashion.

Although not all of ue care for intricate grandma-ish detailing on their wardrobe, some are complete fanatics on just about anything that comes with lace details.

And there’s an obvious reason as to why lacy clothing inspire such intense admiration; they are in a stylishly sultry feminine domain of its own. Sassy as well as classy, lace blouses, skirts and dresses tame our rough edges, make us more in touch with our female nature.

The lace fashion trend can be worn completely by itself as the main theme of fashion or sported as accents in a wardrobe that is mixed with floral, animal or polka dot prints.

With the fall(or monsoon) season, you’ll begin to see more colored lace dresses, blouses and skirts. Black lace dresses are especially suited for a formal chic dinner date.

Do not be afraid to customize your lace look to reflect a unique fashion sense by mixing it up with other bold colors and prints of your liking. If you’re in the mood for something doll-like and demure, don yourself up with lace in natural palette of whites, creams, beige and nudes, which will forever be a classic.

Scroll on down to view the all laced up lookbookers and learn a thing or two on how to wear this exquisite trend.

Ladies, when did you first start embracing the lace trend? Share below.

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