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Fashionista NOW: Sneakers Are On Trend ~ Say What?

Who would have thought that the old sneakers a.k.a the running shoes would be crossing over the line from being a staple for the casual and sporty to something a lady would pair up with her more feminine and elegant get-up.

Some of The Sartorialist’s avid commentators find the teaming up of an all-black outfit with a pair of sneakers that carry a pop of color unique and unexpected. Others aren’t too taken in by the so-called sneaker trend saying that it is not even a trend and that all it takes is a good looking lass/lad to wear them and voila, it’s trendy.

For me, sneakers bring back the memories of being in high school where it’s not uncommon to see the few fashion-aware types sporting the white Converse or something that resemble it just to be on trend. Here in Malaysia, we’ve got school uniforms to curb our budding fashion puberty. So the most fashionable we can get within the school radius is to make sure our feet are snug within the right sneakers.

At that time, I was just comfortable with whatever school-approved footwear to notice if the shoes I was wearing reflected a sense of style. Suffice it to say that I was never the queen of fashion. Not that I am any close to being on of your trendy fashionistas right now. I still am — to this day — unsure of how to even tie my own shoes.

Going back to the subject at hand: It’s fascinating to see how the common staple of a footwear is being launched yet again as something trendy in the fashion scene this year.

I believe there’s something to be said about the marrying of comfort and aesthetics of the running shoes or trainers (whatever you want to call them) that makes them a recurring trend.

These comfort-oriented shoes have never really been out of style, particularly among the hip hop crowd, atheletes (for practicality) and the sporty by appearance (far from being a practicality).

Sneakers are hot now for being smart enough to indulge us aesthetically as well as functionally. Right now, they’re becoming one of the shoe trends that you either whimsically embrace or save for the appropriate attire.

So ladies, if you love mixing up your feminine number with something androgynous, sneakers may be the way to go. And if you place comfort above all else, it’s one of the few ways to go.

For those who can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without a few inches added to your height, count on the wedge sneakers to set you apart from the rest. Platform sneakers, in all honesty, are best reserved for under 30s and those with youthful personalities regardless of age.

Below are some of the ways to wear your sneakers stylishly as part of a formal/elegant wear, semi-formal and laid-back chill-out look.

So what are your general thoughts about sneakers being in the spotlight this season? Would you wear them with a semi-formal/formal number? Do you think they’re only best reserved for sports and lazy days? Tell us below.

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