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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Honey Mustard Fashion Inspiration

5 stylish ways to wear the honey mustard yellow to follow.

Now that the monsoon is here, we start missing the sun that so annoyed us before. We look for colors that bring warmth into our outfits. Instead of a bright in-your-face yellow, the season’s most-appropriate yellow hue comes in the form of honey mustard.

I am the sort of dresser that wears a color to go against the backdrop of a weather. If it is hot outside, I stay away from bright colors especially neon yellow with the intention of cooling it down via cool/neutral colors.

With the monsoon rain pouring for the past two days and the accompanying chill that seeps under the skin and into the bones, mustard yellow is quickly becoming more appealing.

This is an obvious yearning for the warmth that it is associated with although it is on the abstract side as there is no physical heat felt by the flesh at all from a mere change of color except maybe, psychologically.

Anyway, if you are thinking of updating your outfit with a pop of color as we transition into cooler temperature, honey mustard is indeed your color go-to. For a style guide on wearing mustard yellow, please scroll on to eyeball our favorite mustard-accented fashion picks:

mustard blouse

Pair a loose mustard blouse with denim skinny jeans and accessorize with a sling bag and sandals with a tan/brown/beige color scheme.

mustard top and bag

Mustard and black is a great color combination. Team a mustard jersey top with a pair of scallop trim shorts in black. Strappy heels and a chunky golden cuff polish off the look while a ring featuring red lips brings a surprise quirkiness back into the equation.

mustard skirt – Zara

Get out of the safe style box by teaming a mustard pencil skirt with a color-friendly, printed and numbered top to give your outfit a sporty take. Instead of casual sneakers, elevate the look with a pair of black pumps.

mustard beanie – eBay

Allergic to wearing color but would like to have it featured as a small accent in a wardrobe instead? Top off a completely neutral look with a mustard yellow beanie and step out of the door with the sun over your head.

mustard top

For a look that is girly and dressy, get creative by teaming up a mustard top with a twirly black skirt featuring white stripes at the hemline. Finish off with lace-socks-and-heels. To amp up your style factor, throw on a hat and secure your neck with a trendy detachable collar.

For more ways on styling up your wardrobe with a honey mustard color trend, do check out our favorite polyvore sets below:

Untitled #3531

cropped cashmere sweater | creative set by anadaria

Mustard is the new black.

sleeveless blouse – H&M | creative set by victoriamk


mustard dress – Alexander Yamaguchi | creative set by me-on-polly

August 3, 2014

cropped mustard top – River Island | creative set by Inês Filipa

Will you wear honey mustard as a primary outfit color or just as a highlighter? Share how you style the color with us below!

“Fashion choices are never arbitrary. Even if you say you don’t care, that’s a decision. There’s something you’re trying to say.” Felicity Jones

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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