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Fashionista NOW: Sass It Up With Trend-Setting Detachable Collars

The detachable collar trend is worth looking into this season as nothing’s more versatile than collars that promise to transform your outfit into a more polished, elegant and even quirky finish. Comparable to the statement necklace, the removable collar can bring a distinct character to your outfit depending on the type of collar you decide to put on.

In the fashion scene, these stand-alone collars are versatile neck accessories to own as they can offer a new spin on the usual outfit you wear. The variety of detachable collars are endless; they come embellished with sequins, pearls, and a wide array of prints. They’re also made using materials such as suede, lace or leather.

Although collars are typically considered as a masculine feature of the shirt worn by the males of our species, it’s refreshing to see how these collars – when paired with feminine pieces – manage to give the whole completed look a very classy look. That dress (above) worn with pretty masculine detachable collar metamorphosed Tricia’s girly look into a formal one.

Fashion Note: Placing a statement necklace under that statement collar (making sure both are complementary to each other) is a hot trend. And I shall admit, a pretty excellent method to showcase your bling bling.

Sporting an edgy DIY studded detachable collar with her figure-flaunting cutout dress, Wioletta is ready for the formal night out. You can immediately notice how the presence of a collar works akin to a statement necklace with the only exception being that you’d look like you could really mean business, in a creative business setting.

But of course, not everyone has the guts to pull off the floating collar look as this one. I admit that I wasn’t really stoked about wearing collars literally like necklaces, but I’d say that if the wearer’s got a confident or a quirky personality, she could nail the look in a heartbeat.

Kryz Uy is a definitely a fan of fancy detachable collars judging by the numerous lookbook postings where she rocked these collars boldly. And she doesn’t play it safe either. Why should she, when she’s a blossoming trend-setter. Without the pearl-packed collar, her look could have passed off as very laid-back. Pop that collar, the sweatpants suddenly became dinner-date appropriate!

Alana’s very beige shirt and shorts combo is given a pop of quirk with that embellished detachable collar.

Daniela rocks the gold tones by wearing a gold sequin Peter Pan collar over her plain white top. Accessorizing with a bold detachable collar that has a Peter Pan design (flat and round-cornered) is a great way to soften/add a feminine touch to an androgynous get-up.

Below are more ways to rock the Peter Pan collars:

Do not underestimate the power of removable collars. They have the power to dress up just about any casual combo.

Want to spruce up your casual jumper/shirt and jeans number? Pop in a jewel detachable collar like Sandra.

The juxtaposition between the eye-catching jewel collar and the simple yellow top paired with the black pleated skirt really turns the casual look up a notch. How fun is that, eh? Add a collar and voilà, your everyday look starts to give off a semi-formal appeal. I think I’m in love.

For ladies who are florally-inclined in fashion, you’ll be very happy to know that these collars also come in delicate designs that will appeal to your lady-like fashion senses. Say yes to collars with soft floral prints and others, with intricate lace. The sweet pink collar with subtle floral patterns worn by Bebe throws in a a bit of structure to this otherwise very feminine outfit.

You’d think that Bestie (above) is wearing a jumper over a collared shirt, by just eyeballing the picture. In actuality, that collar is just a stand-alone! A simple white detachable collar can formalize the slackest attire! And this is a perfect alternative to fake layers during the warmer months.

As for the most economical and fun way to get removable collars within the safe haven of your home, I’ve selected two videos that will assist you in creating DIY collars utilizing old collared tops. Now’s the time to dig into your closet or your brother’s for old shirts to transform. Trust me, it’ll be fun!

Catch the talented and enthusiastic Alison on her own take of a DIY Peter Pan collar that’s embellished with studs:

Be dazzled by Jenn from Cloth Encounters as she spices up the collar of an old shirt in this tutorial.

Also, check out Chriselle’s Collar Craze tutorial to get really creative.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

4 comments to Fashionista NOW: Sass It Up With Trend-Setting Detachable Collars

  • This is great!! I actually have an old beaded collar with pearls and a few rhinestones, it’s actually an antique (possibly from the late 1800s) that I got about 15 years ago! I keep thinking of wearing it whenever I see it and I try it on, but I have a hard time thinking of what to wear it with, and noone else was wearing anything like that so it seemed a little odd… but now I think I AM going to wear it! As soon as I find it again… fashion is a lot more mix & match these days so I think there’s a lot more potential for it now. Plus, I lost some weight so I think it will fit better, too! :)

  • Hey Jackie, how amazing that is to own an antique beaded collar! I’m envious. I hope you’ll have fun mixing it up with your outfits.  Rock it out with confidence, girl! On the other hand, I’m going to make me some fun collars using sequins that I’ve got scattered around somewhere. :)

  • Thanks for including my video! I promise I’m not as annoying in person as I am in that video! of course the one I’m a huge dork in goes viral! :) xo

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