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Fashionista NOW: Fashion Tips On How To Look & Feel Good In A Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are returning to greet the summery season of the year and this time with more colors, textures, designs in the mix and a variety of patterns to appeal to the modern style consensus.

The trend has a very long history as it is with every other trends. By definition, a pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt that has a straight and narrow cut. The hemline usually falls near or below the knee and is tailored to fit closely to your body where it ends to live up to its trademark name: the ‘pencil’ skirt.

Ladies of all shapes look really bootylicious in a pencil skirt but the trick is to know how to wear them well with other pieces in an ensemble to create a complete breathtakingly figure-flaunting result.

And this, I shall help you with..(channeling my inner fashion yoda with Mr Google’s help here)

The versatile element of the pencil skirt lies in its shape. It flaunts the wearer’s existing curves and gives a pull-together polish effect. It adds soft curves to a boyish frame and creates the most of the curves on a already curvy silhouette.

For a trendy youthful effect, you can wear a midi pencil skirt (with leopard print details) paired with a statement leopard print top tucked in just like Yuyie (above). She goes for the full leopard theme as she completes the look with leopard sandals.

A pencil skirt lengthens your torso so easily that it is a big plus but it can also reveal areas of your mid section that you wish to camouflage. For ladies who are mighty sensitive about the tummy muffin sticking out, you could nip the problem in the bud temporarily by wearing control pants that will smooth out the area.

Or better, you could opt for a visual-manipulation method by wearing a hip/mid-thigh-length top or an outerwear that shows off the narrow bit of the skirt starting from the mid-thigh down. A waterfall jacket is wonderful as it visually draws the focus away from your middle.

How do you avoid the problem of bunching or creasing whenever you sit down in a pencil skirt?

Pick a fabric that has a nice stretch and keep an eye out on a slit detail at the back (or at the sides) of the skirt as this is an important feature that allows a degree of stretching for ease of movement.

The presence of these two elements will help to reduce the problems of unwanted bunching and creasing. On a side note, please ensure that the skirt fits your figure rightfully so, too.

How do you walk comfortably in a pencil skirt since it’s narrow?

This is a question that is often posed when it comes to wearing pencil skirts and the fact that the usual freedom of movement will be compromised has served as a debating point for those who are opposed to the pencil skirt trend.

I do think that you can teach yourself to move within the narrow limits of the skirt structure. After all, you are not rendered wholly paralyzed while in them. Nor are you forced to wear them every single day of your life.

Yes, you will be limited in your capacity to run, cycle or climb (while in the skirt). Anything that requires you to maneuver your legs too much will be a problem. But for the purpose of wearing the pencil skirt for something that does not involve rigorously wild leg movement, walking in short strides is the key and will save you from embarrassing seam-tears or worse; falling off a cliff.

Entering and exiting a vehicle gracefully may take some practice but just try to visualize yourself as an elegant and poised princess that has all the time in the world, you’d do just fine, really!

And contrary to all those fashion ideas that only advocate you to pair the pencil skirt look with heels, I believe you can sport the casual sandals (as long as they’re not too chunky or else you’d look stumpy) and even the comfortable flats that your feet love oh so much.

Above all else, make sure that they’re appropriate for the occasion. However, I do feel that heels with very slender straps preferably in nude/soft gold or silver really completes that stunning floral look worn by Jessica (intro pic) and the nude look worn by Opal (above).

So, are you keen on the pencil skirt trend, lassies? Are you bold enough to trade maximum mobility in the spirit of fashion? Tell us below, please!

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