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Fashionista NOW: The Legwear Trend ~ Treggings In Fashion

Treggings are a hybrid of leggings and trousers. A cousin of sort to leggings and jeggings. Read on for more.

With a formfitting cut from the thigh-to-leg area, it is understandable that treggings appeal to the young and trendy crowd who may also be already obsessed with the skinny jeans.

Unlike the skinny jeans which are made of denim, treggings are made with non-denim fabric materials.

The design is said to be more structured near the waist-to-hip area and they also come with zippers. While the fashion forward believe that treggings can be worn simply as trousers but teachers in a school near Bristol thought otherwise when they sent students home for wearing what they thought was inappropriate, stating that the legwear left ‘visible underwear line and carry ‘unnecessary’ zips and buckles.

Leggings are never to be worn as pants. However, with treggings, you have the permission to put them on without the need to pair them with a top that covers your tush. But this statement, as you can see, sparks serious fashion debates that will never end.

I am yet to be convinced that they can be sported by themselves based from the fashion photos here, unless they’re dark-colored. But I’ll let you decide on whether to present a stamp of approval bestowing treggings as the new ‘tight trousers’ of 2012.

So what do you think, ladies? Are they wearable as trousers? Or do you prefer skinny jeans? Shoot your thoughts freely down below.

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