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Fashionista NOW: Outerwear Trend 2012 ~ Bring On The Waterfall Jackets!

Incorporating waterfall jackets/blazers/cardigans into a casual outfit is the simplest way to create drama, texture and some heat insulation. Read on to find out more about this fashion trend.

There are days when you don’t want to wear an all-out ensemble but still want to show a little bit of effortless style. Waterfall jackets are what I call a low-key statement pieces.

The best thing about the waterfall jacket trend is that it can dress up a simple dress or some plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans without a fuss.

So what is exactly waterfall jackets/blazers/cardigans?

Simply put, the ‘waterfall’ term refers to the flowing lapel that often drapes in folds or ruffles. The waterfall design can be a part of a cropped or long outerwear and the fact that it has a lovely flowing style that gathers at the sides makes it flattering on just about anyone regardless of size.

Waterfall blazers can be a great addition to your office get-up as it projects an air of professionalism and subtle style. So instead of sporting the usual conventional blazers, this trend is a breath of fresh air as it can be worn formally.

A waterfall cardigan, on the other hand, can be worn for a more relaxed, semi-formal settings. I am just in love with the way that the piece creates an elegant frame around Constance Phillips’ figure. Worn over a simple button dress, the outerwear completes the look in a manner that is very visually-attractive.

Michelle Soo wears her waterfall chiffon blazer over a tank top and the fishtail pleated maxi skirt completes her look. If you love wearing flowy pieces, you’ll definitely love this combination.

But if you are petite in size, I’d suggest replacing the flowy skirt with some jeans, skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt that falls just above the knees or on top of them.

Living somewhere cold, you could do so much with a waterfall cardigan. In the picture above, Samm wears hers over a ruffle blouse and layers a blazer over her flowy cardigan. The cascading effect of the cardigan’s cut transforms an otherwise common look into an eye-catching one.

Leather jacket fanatics, don’t fret. Guess what? They do make them with waterfall lapels as well (as seen above)!

While the leather jacket is practical for those roaming in cold corners of the earth but hey, Malaysia’s been fairly cool lately due to some bouts of flash floods and who knows perhaps you’ll just feel way better weathering the weather rocking a stylish leather jacket that features the waterfall cut, eh?

So what do you think of the waterfall jacket/cardigan/blazer trend? I think it’s just rad. Enjoy your weekend ladies. Stay trendy!

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