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Fashionista NOW: Fashion And Style Resolutions For 2012

Equip yourself with some fun fashion and style resolutions this 2012.

Organize And De-clutter Your Wardrobe, Please

We’ve started the previous year with this resolution and it is a common desire that we want to dig through layers of out-of-date clothes and over-worn tees and denims, skirts and dresses, that the thought of it may cause us to feel a tad bit too lazy to even start.

But guess what, clearing and organizing your closet in the spirit of anticipating a new way of developing fresh new year’s fashionable looks signify that you are ready to seize the brand new year.

De-clutter your wardrobe by donating clothes that you’ll never wear or put up the still-wearable pieces for sale and remove those that are forever damaged.

Find Your New Year’s Signature Style(s)

For those who treat fashion as an extension of their unique artistic and creative side, this comes almost naturally. You may chop off your mane to get that quirky asymmetrical bob.

Tip: You can ask your hairdresser to create a unique asymmetrical bob that works with the shape of your face.

You may start color-blocking in bright cheerful tones.

Fashionista NOW: Color Block Fashion Infatuation

Or, you may get crazy with prints.

Fashionista NOW: Style Lessons When Attempting To Wear Print On Print

For the mild fashion fan, developing a signature look may not seem to be appealing and practical, at first. Why should you stop wearing the stuff that you’ve been wearing in 2011 just because some online magazine says so? And my dear, you do have excellent point.

But let’s look underneath the layers of clothing to the person that you are: That person, who have gone through so much the year before and who is positively transformed over accumulative past experiences and have endured an overhaul of the way you look at life.

Sometimes, that new person may appreciate the symbolism of fashion as it can be used as a tool to tease out that inner transformation to the surface.

While it is wise to be budget-conscious, a change in the way you present yourself fashion-wise doesn’t need to be all that expensive. Visit thrift stores to unearth hidden gems of clothing at an affordable price.

By challenging yourself to embrace a new look, you’re subconsciously letting yourself to cut through chains of the past that held you back to welcome a more promising future.

Start small, and once you’re confident enough with that new nail color or the au naturel no-makeup makeup, you can create complete set of new fun looks based on new items and pieces of clothing of your liking!

Watch how the talented Lisa Eldridge create the “no makeup” makeup look in her YouTube video:

If you’re tired of wearing flats and laid-back kitten heels, switch up your look by wearing a pair of dramatic high heels.

A signature look may be inspired by something that you’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance before, such as wearing that stripey maxi dress that looked uber fine on that mannequin you saw while you were window-shopping last December.

Fashionista NOW: Classic Black And White Stripes Fashion Trend

So tell us, what are your fashion and style resolutions this new year? Are you ready to de-clutter last year’s overcrowded wardrobe and start embracing fresh New Year’s fashionable looks for a brand new start?

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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