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Fashionista NOW: Deep Shades Of Blue In Fashion

I’m saying it: Blue is in fashion and the monsoon is to blame for my chronic adoration for this color.

The shades of blue that I’m referring to is of the deep vibrant kind. Not the soft pastels or the tealish kind. Please no.

To be specific, the names of the blue shades I love are: pure blue, navy blue, ultramarine, cobalt, Prussian blue and cerulean blue. You can see the color variations for yourself here.

Be warned that you may not see a distinctive variation between blues of different names and I’ve no reason to account for that except I think it’s all fun and games for the creators/makers of seasonal color trends.

Bright cerulean made into the theme of Céline’s luxurious clothing for fall 2012 and it is one of the season’s stand out colors (really now?) The last time I checked, it was oxblood and earlier this year, it was tangerine tango.

These colors stand out naturally for obvious reason that even kindergartners’ can tell you and each of these color appears to be complementary to certain seasons of the year or mere moods of the color-obsessed.

Blue injects a cool and energetic azure that is in sync with the temperature for when certain locations on earth gets chillier. Tangerine tango which marked the beginning of this year with its spell-binding vibrancy mirrored people’s new hopes and desires.

The oxblood and its rustic vampy tone is an obvious repeat-and-rinse color of the transitional season that is wedged in between summer/spring and winter, year after year.

Though it is not winter that is reigning over my tropical locale, I chalk it up to the insane monsoonic weather for making blue an appealing color of choice.

Look no further than below for a roundup of lookbookers wearing their best blues out and I just know you’ll understand my intense love for the cool shade.

blue pencil skirt by Kappahl

blue shorts by Romwe

blue heels by Rina Scimento | blue denim by ZARA

blue jeans by Bebe

homemade blue skirt

dark blue oversized cashmere turtleneck by Maison Martin Margiela from H&M

cobalt blue shirt

Oh wait, have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color?

So, folks: Are you’re feeling the blue color trend?

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