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Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Hoodies ~ The Zuckerberg Trend

Okay perhaps calling the hoodie a Zuckerberg trend is a bit much. Plus, the Facebook CEO only wears the most wallflower-ish kind of hoodies.

Anyway, I’ve got a weak spot for the hooded sweater, cardigan or jacket. Anything that comes with a hood will gain fashion points and I’m struggling to find the origin of this unexplainable love. I’ve got love for the hood! Woops, where did that come from?

Cheesiness aside though, the hood has quite a thrilling history if you’d just google “Hoodie History” like any other normal googler. But if you’re too lazy, here are some main points to note:

1) The hood can be traced back to Medieval Europe where it was part of the monks’ formal wear. It was a long and decorative part of a tunic/robe which was referred to as a cowl.

2) The first hooded sweatshirt was given birth in 1930s by Champion, a clothing company in the Unites States. These first hooded sweats were marketed to workers who had to endure deathly chills while working in the upstate New York.

3) The term hoodie only came about in 1990s but the frenzy related to the garment was fueld in the 1970s thanks to the hip hop culture that was the meme of N.Y.C at the time.

4) Around this era, fashion designer Norma Kamali pushed the hoodie into the world of glamorized fashion. What was once pure utility officially became a fashion accessory.

5) The hoodie provides immediate concealment that cloaks the identity of the wearer that it naturally becomes a favorite among those with illicit intent.

6) It was emblematic of the young hooligans in London at least eight centuries ago where riots sprouted like fun sport over anything political/religious..

7) Although the hoodies were worn by law-abiding folks as well, naturally, the negative connotations that these harmless pieces of clothing had been associated with got automatically pushed to the front.

8) The death of Trayvon Martin earlier this year was said to be influenced by the fact that he had worn a hoodie and that the shooter, Zimmerman got even more anxious and suspicious than usual because of said garment.

9) The hoodie then emerged as a symbol of support among those who believe justice had not been carried out.[Rolling Stone]

The hoodies will not cease to exist and among the young and fashionable (or not), whether they are up to no good or not, this utilitarian invention, one of the most controversial fashion garments, will forever be worn for whatever reason they see fit.

At the end of the day it only matters if you’d kindly please keep your hands off of my hoodie!

Scroll on down for some ridiculously hot hoodie-cloaked lookbookers.

denim polo with hoody by Mental

hoody by Replay

hoody by Penguin

grey oversized hoody by ZARA

zipper hoody by H&M

hoody by American Apparel

hooded peacoat jacket by Topman

I have chosen to highlight only the men of lookbook in their best hooded looks for this post. Ladies in hoodies will be showcased in a separate post because I’m hoody-greedy.

So, what do you think of the Zuckerberg trend? Like it? Loathe it? Share below please.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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