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Fashionista NOW: Sensible Shoe Trend ~ In Love With Loafers

Who’d be bothered to choose between flats and heels when one can just slip their feet into a trendy pair of this season’s most comfortable loafers.

Sensible shoes are the way to go as far as trends for the soles go for me personally. But I’m aware this is not a popular view among those who have habitually preferred an elevation of some sort either through staggering tall heels, wedges or platforms.

Loafers have been categorized as something a female slips on when she’s too lazy to put on something dainty but what unfair generalization that is.

I’ve always fancied a shoe that is easily slipped on where the foot can appendage its way in without a fuss. No buckles needed. I am a practical person who sees no point in putting on shoes with my hands when the feet can do it just fine by themselves.

Modern loafers marry cool designs with comfort and practicality that it’d be hard for anyone (with a sensible mind, at least) to ever find grieve with these heaven-sent sole-protectors!

Although loafers are flat, they are refreshingly flattering in a catch-you-off-guard sort of way. Their addition to a girly outfit seems like a whimsical afterthought that it lends a certain kind of laid-back confidence to the wearer.

These days you will find a broad array of loafers all dressed up in animal print, paisley, floral, velvet and studded. The variety of designs and decorative features mirror this decade of ultimate decadence when it comes to anything fashion-related.

A major trend for all seasons, their versatility is what makes them stand the test of time.

For a look on how you could wear them in just about any outfit, please have a lovely scroll down and gawk intensely at these stylish lookbookers.

studded leopard print loafers by sheinside

spiked loafers by romwe

loafers by primadonna

vintage penny loafers

loafers by tods

spiked turqoise loafers by

neon loafers by tonic

paisley loafers by

What do you lassies think of loafers? Are they cool enough for your feet? Do you love them like I do? Share below.

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