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Fashionista NOW: Bring Your Outfit To Life With Bright Neon Yellow Color Trend

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to conclude that neon colors are probably going to remain in the fashion scene for quite a while.

Being a recurring trend that was first made popular in the fashion of the 1980s, the neon colors have gone through a more modern, extra demure and less up-in-your-face transformation. This translates into a high level of wearability and relevance within the modern fashion setting.

On lookbook itself, a search for ‘neon’ will reveal that the most loved and sported neon is none other than the electric neon yellow color.

Why the fascination with yellow? I would say that it has to do with the energetic vibe that the color effortlessly gives off which can really lift up the mood of just about any typical neutral ensemble even if it’s just on a bag, a pair of shoes or jewelry.

Since citrus neon is a favorite on many lookbook fashionistas’ wardrobe, it’s only fair that I share some of the best neon yellow looks gathered from the fashion zeitgeist website to satisfy your fashion taste buds.

Do you fancy pops of bright neon citrus shades in your wardrobe? What about this attention-grabbing neon fashion trend that makes us want to load our closet with cheerful colors? Tell us how you make bright neon colors wearable in the comment space below.

Fashionista NOW: The Neon Color Trend – How To Rock Neon As Color Accents?

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