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Fashionista NOW: Mullet Skirts – A Major Trend Or A Passing Fad?

It started of as the skirt with the asymmetrical hem. Before long, it is then called by the more glamorized name: the hi-low skirt. And upon googling, this short at the front long at the back skirt (or hem of a dress) has been called by many other funky names!

The mullet skirt is just another spicy name for the party in the front/business in the back skirt, the waterfall skirt and the skirt with a tail! Just like any other trend, this one has its fair share of enthused followers, indifferent trend stalkers and straight-up vocal fashion critics.

When I first saw the skirt with the mullet hem, all I could think off was that it kind of looked like a cape on a superhero. I don’t think I’d wear it but I also think that chiffon mullet skirt in creamy dusty pink/peach color is fantastic for a romantic look.

While celebrities look extra ravishing walking the red carpet in their hi-low skirts and dresses, for many of us who strut the concrete pathways, it can be a tad dramatic especially if the length difference between the front and the back is too much. Nevertheless, it is far from being a style catastrophe. The mullet skirt actually gives off an almost playful and girly vibe. It also looks rather good on ladies with never-ending stems.

If you love to flaunt your legs, you will tend to love this. But if you don’t, just leave asymmetrically-cut hemlines out of your closet. Remember that it’s only a skirt after all. One that comes in a funky cut.

For those who are seriously looking for a way to transform an old skirt or dress, I believe Tasha Delrae’s DIY instructions are excellent. She also details on how to use a mullet skirt pattern to make a pretty mullet dress.

Here’s a quick and easy mullet skirt tutorial by MeeshaTV:

What do you honestly think of this trend? Are skirts and dresses with mullet hemlines only best worn for certain formal or semi-formal occasions? Would you wear them out for work or a casual day/night out?

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