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Fashionista NOW: Would You Wear A Leather Jacket Here In Malaysia?

How can anyone not want to own a sleek and sexy black leather jacket?

To be practical, our Malaysian weather isn’t really made for wearing leather jackets. In fact, genuine leather jackets are not weather resistant. And overactive sweat glands are one of leather’s worst enemies.

So what’s the deal with me blabbering about leather jacket fashion trend? Gee, I don’t know.. I seem to have been completely taken by the worn-out look worn by celebs of the Western world. I confess that I am bitter and envious that they could wear them out on chilly days and nights.

Apparently, Malaysians too have developed an interest with these mighty hot outerwear trend. I’m not talking about Mat Rempits. Honestly, there are some biker types or the rare trendy casual street fashionista who can pull the look off.

However, we all agree that no one ought to be caught wearing them out on a hot blazing day lest he or she be portrayed as a fool.

Good leather jackets are expensive. It is without a doubt an investment of some sort to those who are truly smitten by the stylish leather outerwear.

Below are some fashion ideas on how one can sport the leather jacket in style.

What do you think of the black leather jacket trend? Would you wear a leather jacket here in Malaysia? If so, in what kind of setting would it be appropriate?

Here’s an interesting article by Fashiono on how to incorporate leather jacket in your wardrobe even if you reside in a tropical location.

And do read Yetmee’s thoughts on how she too just can’t say no to wearing leather jacket in Malaysia.

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