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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Scarves In Style & Make A Fashion Statement

Want to know learn how a mere scarf left loose or tied around the neck can turn an outfit around? Read on for more.

A scarf worn around the neck is considered a stylish fashion accessory and a functional piece for chilly season/weather/setting. There are so many ways that you can wear the scarf but we’ll take a look at how it can be used as a fancy schmancy neck accent to add an interesting effect to an ensemble.

My sister has been particularly taken in with utilizing the scarf as an accent for the décolletage area and as a heat trapper for when she’s in a chilly environment that she has basically infected me with this sudden curious infatuation with lightweight scarves that come in different colors and prints.

I’ve yet to make up my mind about the type of scarf that I shall be investing in but Mr. Google has really spoiled me with quite a limitless variety to choose from.

The selection of scarves listed on fabsugar is worth looking into if you’re searching for fashionable scarves that come in various styles and designs that will seamlessly lend a more dynamic vibe to your look.

Here’s a very helpful video by Michelle Phan & Chriselle Lim that illustrates 7 ways to wear a scarf perfect for any weather or season.

Scroll down below for more fashion inspiration on how a scarves in various shades and designs can really add a fun factor to your look.

So ladies, do you wear scarves like a fashion accessory? What’s your favorite way of tying a scarf around your neck? Are you particular about the fabric that they’re made of? Do you only purchase silk scarves in muted feminine shades or do you like cotton scarves and those in vibrant colors and patterns? Share your thoughts down below.

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